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Goalie blockers are one of the most important tools a goaltender has to stop the puck. With optimal positioning, your blocker can look like a wall, leaving little gap and shutting down blocker-side shooters with ease. Keeping that in mind, we understand that comfort and performance is crucial when selecting the best blocker for a goaltender. Our Brians Goalie Blockers line features the best goalie blockers of all sizes, performance levels and color schemes to help elevate your game to the next level. At Goalies Plus, we can help you select the best Brians Goalie Blockers that best fit your budget and play-style. If you have any questions before you buy your next Brians Goalie Blocker, don’t hesitate to call or email us immediately. One big benefit of buying from Goalies Plus is that we’re all goaltenders ourselves and we’re eager to help you get into the right gear.