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There’s nothing more amazing than making the big glove save when your up by one goal and there’s a minute left on the clock. Choosing a reliable goalie glove is essential to the goaltenders arsenal of puck stopping options. At Goalies Plus, we offer a large line of Bauer Goalie Gloves because we know Bauer makes a quality product that goalies like you can rely on, whether you’re playing once a week or five times a week. There’s a reason many top goaltenders in the National Hockey League routinely use Bauer Goalie Gloves throughout their professional careers. Our Bauer Goalie Gloves line includes all different sizes, break angles, palm protection, comfort and protection levels so you can make the best choice that fits your budget and play-style. If you have any questions before you make a purchase, don’t hesitate to call or email our staff today, since we’re active goaltenders too, we can help steer you in the best direction for you!