Bauer Goalie Pad sizing is available below the standard sizing measurements.

Goalie Pad Sizing

The first thing you need to understand is that no two goalie pads fit the sameeven within the same manufacturer. We can take every model goalie pad: the overall size and knee cradle location will be slightly different. Most times these sizes are very close, side-by-side, however in some instances they can be quite a bit different. There are many variables that change how a goalie pad will fit, such as:

  • knee cradle dimensions,
  • foot channel structure,
  • even strapping systems.

We have read other “big box store” guides that state measuring ankle bone to knee cap and “double it” is the ideal method. Well it is not that easy – therefore we took it upon ourselves to measure every single make and model we stock and created a fitting spreadsheet to provide you a precise guide to goalie pad sizing.

Please note, +1 and +2 sizing in goalie pads means an extra inch or two has been added to the top of the pad (the thigh rise) to increase 5-hole coverage in the butterfly position and does not impact the sizing below.

Looking for our Bauer Goalie Pad Sizing Chart?

Goalie Pad Sizing Measurement

Our goalie pad sizing spreadsheet is based off where your ankle bone would fit in each pad, therefore where that would put the center of your knee in the knee cradle on the corresponding pad.

How to precisely measure your leg.

The key measurement in fitting any goalie pad is the center of the ankle bone to center of the knee cap. This should be done by using a tape measure with the goalie’s legs shoulder-width apart and slightly bent. This measurement should be taken on the outside of the leg. With this measurement, you can compare your number (in inches) against our sizing spreadsheet below to see what size pad would be an ideal fit.

If your ankle bone to knee cap measurement is correct, we have found that you have a very high chance the pad will be a great fit.If your ankle bone to knee cap does not fit the goalie pad, your knee will either be above or below the knee cradle, meaning the pad and goalie can not properly function together.

CCM, Vaughn, Brians Goalie Pad Sizing Charts

Looking for our Bauer Goalie Pad Sizing Chart?

Senior Goalie Pad Sizing Chart

Goalie Pad Size3233343536
Brians Optik 9.0N/A16.75-17.5″17.5-18.25″18.25-19″N/A
Brians Optik 216.5-17.25″17-17.75″17.5-18.5″18.25-19″18.75-19.5″
Brians G-Netik 416.5-17″17-17.5″17.5-18″18-18.5″18.5-19″
Brians G-Netik XN/A16.75-17.50″17.50-18.25″18.25-19.00″N/A
Brian’s AliteN/A17-17.5″17.5-18″18-18.5″18.5-19″
CCM Axis Pro17-17.75″17.5-18.25″18-18.75″18.5-19.25″19-19.75″
CCM Axis 1.917-17.75″17.5-18.25″18-18.75″18.5-19.25″19-19.75″
CCM EFlex 4 Pro17.25-18″17.75-18.5″18.25-19″18.75-19.5″19.28-20″
CCM EFlex 4.917.25-18″17.75-18.5″18.25-19″18.75-19.5″19.28-20″
CCM Premier 217.5-18″18-18.5″18.5-19″19-19.5″19.5-20″
CCM P2.9N/A18-18.5″18.5-19″19-19.5″N/A
CCM P2.517.5-18″18-18.5″18.5-19″N/AN/A
CCM E2.9N/A18-18.5″18.5-19″19-19.5″19.5-20″
CCM E2.517.5-18″18-18.5″18.5-19″N/AN/A
Vaughn V9 Pro17-17.75″17.5-18.25″18-18.75″18.5-19″N/A
Vaughn SLR2 Pro17-17.75″17.5-18.25″18-18.75″18.5-19″N/A
Vaughn VE8 Carbon Pro16.5-17″17-17.5″17.5-18″18-18.5″18.5-19″
Vaughn VE8 Pro16.5-17″17-17.5″17.5-18″18-18.5″18.5-19″


Intermediate Goalie Pad Sizing Chart

Goalie Pad Size2829303132
CCM Axis 1.9N/AN/A15.25-16″16-16.75″16.75-17.5″”
CCM EFlex 4.9N/A16-16.5″16.25-17″16.75-17.5″17.25-18″
CCM P2.9N/A15.75-16.25″16.25-16.75″16.75-17.25″17-17.75″
CCM E3.9N/A15.75-16.25″16.25-16.75″16.75-17.25″17-17.75″
Brians Optik 9.0N/AN/A15-16″15.75-16.75″16.75-17.75″
Brians AliteN/AN/A15.75-16.25″16.25-16.75″16.75-17.25″
Brians G-Netik XN/AN/A15-16″16-16.75″16.75-17.50″
Vaughn V9N/A15.5-16.25″16-16.75″16.5-17.25″N/A
Vaughn SLR2N/A15.5-16.25″16-16.75″16.5-17.25″N/A
Vaughn VE8N/A15-15.75″15.75-16.5″16.5-17.25″N/A


Junior Goalie Pad Sizing Chart

Goalie Pad Size242627282930
CCM Axis 1.513.25-14″14-14.75″N/A14.75-15.5″N/A15.5-16.25″
CCM EFlex 4.513.5-14.5″14.5-15.25″N/A15.25-15.75″N/A16-16.5″
CCM P2.513.75-14.35″14.5-15.25″N/A15.25-15.75″N/A15.85-16.5″
CCM E3.513.75-14.35″14.5-15.25″N/A15.25-15.5″N/A15.85-16.5″
Brians Optik 9.0N/AN/A14.5-15.5″N/A15.25-16.25″N/A
Brians G-Netik XN/AN/A14.5-15.5″N/A15.25-16.25″N/A
Brians AliteN/AN/A14.5-15.25″N/A15.25-15.85″N/A
Vaughn V913.75-14.5″14.5-15.25″N/A15.25-16″N/AN/A
Vaughn SLR213.75-14.5″14.5-15.25″N/A15.25-16″N/AN/A
Vaughn VE813-13/75″13.75-14.5″N/A14.5-15.25″N/AN/A


Bauer Goalie Pad Sizing Charts

Bauer Senior Goalie Pad Sizing Chart

Goalie Pad SizeSmallMediumLargeX-Large
Supreme Ultrasonic Pro16.25-17″16.75-17.50″17.25-18.00″17.75-18.5″
Supreme 3S16.25-17″16.75-17.50″17.25-18.00″17.75-18.5″
Supreme 2S17-17.5″17.5-18″18-18.5″18.5-19″
Supreme S2917-17.5″17.5-18″18-18.5″18.5-19″
Supreme S2717-17.5″17.5-18″18-18.5″18.5-19″
Vapor 2X17-17.75″17.5-18.25″18-18.75″18.5-19.5″
Vapor 2X Pro17-17.75″17.5-18.25″18-18.75″18.5-19.5″
Vapor X90017-17.5″17.5-18″18-18.5″18.5-19″


Bauer Intermediate Goalie Pad Sizing Chart

Goalie Pad SizeSmallMediumLargeX-Large
Supreme 3S15.25-16″15.75-16.5″16.25-17″N/A
Vapor 2X15-15.75″15.5-16.25″16-16.75″N/A
Vapor X90015-15.5″15.5-16″16-16.5″N/A
Supreme S2915-15.5″15.5-16″16-16.5″N/A


Bauer Junior Goalie Pad Sizing Chart

Goalie Pad SizeX-SmallSmallMediumLarge
Supreme S2713-13.75″13.75-14.5″14.5-15.25″N/A
Vapor 2.713-13.75″13.75-14.5″14.25-15″N/A
Vapor X70013-13.75″13.75-14.5″14.5-15.25″N/A