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Bauer Custom Goalie Gear

Flexible payment terms.

Unlike our competitors who require 100% payment upfront, we only require 50% down. Once you’ve built your best design, only pay 50% upfront to order your custom goalie gear and then the remaining once your new pads have arrived! With average manufacturer wait time around 8 to 12 weeks, you can cut your cost into 2-easy payments!

Don’t break the bank for new gear!

Simplified process.

We have gone above and beyond to simplify the process of designing and ordering custom goalie gear. To keep the process streamlined, you will find links directly to each manufacturers goalie gear customizer below. Build your dream design on the manufacturers website, why? They implement the latest color options and changes for their own gear. Doesn’t it make sense to use their customizers?

Simply build your design!

CCM Custom Goalie Gear
Vaughn Custom Goalie Gear

Easy ordering.

Once you have finalized your incredible, unique design on the manufacturers website, simply export the final design and send it to us. Sending it is as simple as exporting the design customization (where applicable) and emailing it directly to us or using the manufacturers “Submit to Store”, in which you would choose Hockey Plus. Either way, both methods are easy and will be available once you finalize your design.

Start getting excited.

No additional fee’s.

That’s all there is to it! The price for the goalie gear on our website includes most customization options available. The only exception may be additional charges accured for custom embroidery including names and numbers, but anything additional will be discussed before the custom order is placed.

Everything as advertised.

Brians Custom Goalie Gear

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    Notify us when you’re ready.

    When you’re ready, or if you have questions, fill out the form on the left and Mike Sherman (owner, and former professional goaltender) will reach out to review your order or answer any questions you might have! If you’ve already completed the design process and just want to confirm your order, you can include your design file or confirmation number, too. At Goalies Plus, we’re dedicated to making the process incredibly easy for you because we know how exciting custom goalie gear is!

    There’s no better feeling.

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