Unlike our competitors who require 100% payment up front for custom goalie gear, we only require 50% down. Please note that all custom orders are final and we are unable to accept returns or exchanges once you have confirmed the custom goalie gear products. In the event you force-ably decide to return the gear expecting a refund, your custom goalie gear will be donated on your behalf without refund. We do not charge any additional fee’s for custom goalie gear orders, but it is possible for additional charges to be accrued for custom embroidered names or numbers which will be discussed when the custom order is placed with Goalies Plus.

We require you to customize gear on the manufacturer’s website.

We recognize your desire to be unique and creative, but at Goalies Plus, we do not have control over the customization options available. Various configurations, styles and color schemes are available through the manufacturer directly, and in order to ensure you’re working directly with their latest customization options and to remove any conflicts, we require all customization’s to be made through their websites. Below you can access each customizer directly.


At Goalies Plus, we have gone above and beyond to ensure the process of ordering custom goalie gear is easy for our customers. To keep the process streamlined and simple, you will find links directly to each manufacturers available goalie gear customizers below. Once you have finalized your design on the manufacturers website, export the final design and send it to us.

Seriously, it’s that easy.

Once your design is finalized and sent, call us to confirm your order, we will charge you 50% of the total cost up-front and the remaining 50% will be billed once the custom goalie gear is completed and is ready to ship.

Phone: 1-800-599-2440
Local: 717-635-9459

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Customize your favorite leg pads, blocker or catcher from Vaughn’s latest line.

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Customize your favorite leg pads, blocker or catcher from CCM’s latest line.

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Customize Brians

Customize your favorite leg pads, blocker or catcher from Brian’s latest line.

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Customize Bauer

Customize your favorite leg pads, blocker or catcher from Bauer’s latest line.

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