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At Goalies Plus, we understand the need for a reliable and durable goalie stick. Your goalie stick provides optimal balance in your positioning as well as playing the puck, and there’s nothing more amazing than a quality feel of a superb goalie stick. We offer a large line of Vaughn Goalie Sticks because we know that weight, durability and rebound control are three integral parts of being a goalie. We provide many different Vaughn Goalie Stick options based on size, performance level and different color schemes so you can select a Vaughn Goalie Stick that’s perfect for you. If you have any questions before you purchase your next set of Vaughn Goalie Sticks, don’t hesitate to call or email our staff for assistance in selecting the stick that may be best for you. Choosing the right goalie stick can be incredibly beneficial at helping you play the position optimally.

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