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Goalies Plus offers a long line of Vaughn Goalie Pads covering all sizes, color schemes and levels of performance. Better yet, all domestic made Vaughn Goalie Pads are customizable using Vaughn’s built in goalie gear customizer, which gives you the flexibility to style a unique set of goalie pads. Whether you’re looking at an entry level goalie pad or a pro level goalie pad, you prefer the butterfly play-style or a hybrid play-style, setting your foot on the ice for the first time or it’s your fifth time playing this week, Vaughn offers a goalie pad that’s perfect for you. Since we offer one of the largest selections of Vaughn Goalie Pads, you’re going to find you’re next set of goalie pads here. Don’t hesitate to contact our staff by phone or email with any questions you may have regarding these Vaughn products, as we’re dedicated goaltenders ourselves and have hands on experience with almost all of our products.