CCM Axis A1.9 Intermediate Goalie Leg Pads [Special Edition Single Break]

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CCM Axis A1.9 Intermediate Goalie Leg Pads – Special Edition Single Break

All new for 2020 is the CCM Axis equipment line.  Since we all know goalies are the center of the hockey world, what better name for a new line then the Axis.  The Axis brings CCM into the newer generation of goaltending equipment with a much more modern style that is becoming increasingly popular with younger goalies. We will take a detailed look on this page at the Axis leg pads explain in detail the different specs and new features of the CCM Axis.

Special Edition Single Break: Some customers may be confused by our Special Edition Single Break description.  The Special Edition is our way of giving customers better spec options that are not normally available.  When we initially saw the the CCM Axis pads, the stock version has an inner break but not a break on the outer roll.  In our opinion, we feel this stiffens the pad in an unbalanced way and takes away from the natural flex of the pad.  With an inner break and not outer break, the inside half of the pad wants to flex but the outer half of the pad wants to stay stiff.  This makes for an unbalanced vertical flex in our opinion.  With an unbalanced vertical flex, the pad will not seal properly because the pad will now have a twisting effect on the lateral flex.  By adding the break in the outer roll, the natural flex is restored and butterfly coverage creates a better pad to ice seal.  In generic terms, unless you have a super wide butterfly and do not need any flex, you will need the pad to flex and seal the five hole in the the butterfly position. By adding this break, we feel it greatly helps with this in many ways.

Unique Custom Colors: Goalies Plus will be offering five unique color selections to go along with the Special Edition Single Break series.

New LiteXCore Technology: A recent trend in the goalie world is for the goalie pad to have extremely active rebounds.  The CCM Axis A1.9 pad utilizes the LiteXCore Technology.  The LiteXCore is an extremely lightweight yet durable pre-curved core.  This core along with specific layers of HD and LD foams gives the Axis goalie pads the most explosive rebounds of any CCM goalie pad to date.

Speedskin: The CCM Axis goalie pads will continue to use the popular CCM Speedskin for the outer material. This material is quicker and more explosive  when sliding side to side in the butterfly movements. Speed Skin reduces friction between the pad and the ice and there gives the goalie a better glide.  This is very important late in games when the ice conditions are at there worst.  In testing, Speed Skin performs better than Clarino and is just as durable.

Knee Riser: The knee riser on the Axis pad will feature the 3D Grip with PE Foam.  In the past some companies used very stiff landing blocks for the “butterfly” style pads to increase the speed of sliding side to side.  With the Speedskin technology, the side to side speed is no longer an issue so CCM could concentrate on a more forgiving knee block. The 3D Grip material in the knee block helps keep the from sliding out of the cradle and the PE foam gives the knee block a very comfortable landing area.  This is particularly important as is takes pressure off the goalies joints and back. Also a new feature on the CCM Axis knee blocks is the addition of the length of the knee blocks.  Compared to past CCM models, the knee blocks are about one inch longer.  This helps seal the internal five hole for shots that squeak through the thigh rise in the butterfly technique.

Strapping System: The Axis gear will use an all elastic/velcro strapping system (which has become the industry standard). The quick motion strap along the back calf area helps keep the pad snug to the goalies leg while allowing for proper rotation.  This is very important as it help keep the pad properly positioned on the goalies leg.  Without the quick motion strap, pads will shift downward and actually start to fall down and over the front of the goalies skate creating a very sloppy fit.

Bungee Toe Tie:  The CCM Axis A1.9 goalie pad comes stock with a bungee toe tie system. For years manufactures have used a skate lace to connect the toe of the pad to the toe of the skate.  In recent years, after market bungee toe tie products have become very popular because they allow the toe of the pad to stretch from the toe of the skate with an elastic type effect.  This stretching and recoiling improves the recovery process and creates more power pushes for the goalie. This toe system also takes pressure off the goalies ankles, knees and hips because it eliminates the quick stop and jerk process that skate lace has when it runs out of slack.

Boot Flex: One of the first things we noticed on the CCM Axis pads was the very soft and flexible boot of the pad.  This has become an extremely popular feature in recent years because it greatly increases flexibility in the butterfly recovery process.  The boot is built on a 90 degree angle with a flat (table top) foot channel.

Intermediate Sizing: For  2020, the Axis intermediate pads are built on a height to width proportion.  In years past, all intermediate pads would all be ten inches wide or wider.  This was fine for the 31 and 32 sizes but for the 30 inch size and lower, it was too wide.  Therefore a young goalie wearing a pad that was too wide looked bow legged and that generally meant they were not very mobile.  With the Axis line, the 32 and 31 inch intermediate pads will remain at ten inches wide and the 30 inch intermediate pad will go to nine and three quarters inches wide.  It may not seem like much but it really makes a big difference.  With younger goalies, a properly proportioned pad is essential for player development.

CCM Axis A1.9 Intermediate Goalie Leg Pads are recommended for Travel A thru AAA levels.

CCM Axis A1.9 Goalie Leg Pad Features:

  • Model Year: 2020
  • Outer Flex – Single break for maximum coverage.
  • Inner Flex – Pre-curved with single break in the core.
  • Outer Material – Speedskin for increase ease and speed in the butterfly slide technique.
  • Boot Angle – 90 Degree angle creates flexibility for power pushes.
  • Boot Channel – Deep Ultra Soft for comfort and increased pad rotation.
  • Leg Channel / Calf Strap Option – Shallow Loose fit
  • Knee Strap Option – Removable 2″ elastic knee for a custom fit.
  • Knee Cradle – Recessed foam with removable knee cradle wrap. Deeper knee cradle for 2020
  • Knee Raiser – 3D Grip / PE foam helps to seal the pad to the ice
  • Core – LiteXCore Technology. – Most active rebound core in CCM’s history
  • Proportionate height to width sizing