Bauer Aetrex Skate Orthotics Insole


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Bauer Aetrex Skate Orthotics Insole

Due to the nature of goalies constantly being on their feet, we strongly recommend a good Orthotic.  The Bauer Aetrex can be used in any brand skate and has three options for arch height.  Having a good Orthotic greatly reduces foot fatigue.  Foot fatigue has a huge impact on a goalies performance.

The foot is a complex system of bones, ligaments, and tendons that all require a high degree of flexibility and stability while skating. BAUER // Aetrex® Skate Orthotics are tailored to help generate a stronger, more powerful stride by eliminating negative space in the boot and stabilizing the foot — enhancing your performance output through every stride.

Using data and learnings from over 50 million foot scans, Aetrex® — a leader in the orthotic industry — in partnership with Bauer Hockey, developed three skate-specific inserts designed to help counteract common foot conditions and discomfort that can come with over-pronation, forefoot pressure, and improper arch support.

  •  Fit A is for skaters with low-to-flat arches and high pronation. This orthotic features a medial rear foot post and longitudinal arch support to help keep your feet aligned, control over-pronation, and keep your skates comfortable.
  •  Fit B is for skaters with medium arch height and minimal pronation. This orthotic is designed to help cushion and stabilize the foot to help provide enhanced performance in every stride.
  •  Fit C is for skaters with high arches and forefoot pressure. This orthotic helps to provide metatarsal relief, cushioning, and the arch support needed for a more equal distribution of pressure so you can feel great in your skates.

Additionally, each skate orthotic features a dual-density polyurethane construction, memory foam top layer, ventilated forefoot, and grip print.


*** Please note: If you are a Fit 3 in a skate – you will need to buy the next size up Orthotic.  Example: Size 8.5 Fit 3 would be a Size 9 Orthotic.  This is only for Fit 3.  Fit 1 & 2 would size normally.