Bauer Elite Intermediate Ice Hockey Goalie Skates

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Bauer Elite Intermediate Ice Hockey Goalie Skates

New for 2021 is a shift in Bauer Goalie Skates.  There will no longer be a Vapor Goalie Skate moving forward and after 2021, there will not be a Supreme Goalie Skate.  Bauer will have one line of goalie skates that will be referred to as GSX – which is the price point level.  The Elite will be the mid-level offering by Bauer and the Pro will be the high end pro model.  The Pro and the Elite will come in the Bauer Fit System – Fit 1 is a traditional Vapor fit.  Fit 2 will be the traditional Supreme fit and an all new Fit 3 which will be a bigger volume fit for goalie with wider and deeper sized feet.  The GSX will have the traditional D and EE sizing.

We feel that the new lines of Bauer goalie skates offer a much better overall fit across the sizing spectrum then years past (with the exception being the 2020 Supreme line).  Bauer goalie skates in the past have tended to be very narrow with a high ankle cut.  So for a goalie with slightly wider feet, the old Bauer cowlingless skates were not a great option.  Also because the skates were cut higher, ankle mobility tended to be an issue with some goalies.  The newer Bauer skates offer way more width options – from narrow to very wide feet.  The 2021 Bauer goalie skates have the StanceFlex Technology which allows for greater ankle flexibility.  This ankle flexibility is vital in recovery movements especially in the various butterfly techniques.

The Bauer Elite skate is probably our best selling goalie skate for a goalie looking to combine performance and price.  The Elite offers a lot of high end features that goalies want at a price most goalies are willing to pay.  The Elite skate is a heat moldable goalie skate that can be custom fitted to each individual foot.  A high quality liner provides a comfortable overall fit. The high level stainless steel runner provides great performance that doesn’t dull easily. The pro felt tongue provides the protection needed against lace bite but the flexibility needed for high end performance.

Another key piece of information about the 2021 Bauer goalie skate line is the new sizing format.  Senior sizes will now start at size 7.  In the past, sizing went: Junior 1 – 5.5 and Senior 6 -12.  Now Bauer skate sizing will be: Junior 1 – 3.5, Intermediate 4 – 6.5 and Senior 7 – 12.

Bauer Elite Intermediate Ice Hockey Goalie Skate Features:

  • Model Year: 2021
  • Quarter Package: 3D LASTED CURV COMPOSITE with STANCEFLEX+ Technology
  • Lining Material: HYDRAMAX 2 Liner
  • Ankle Padding: Memory Foam
  • Tongue Construction: Pro Felt Tongue
  • Toe Cap: Low Profile Assymentrical
  • Thermofoamable: Anaform Upper
  • Outsole: Pro TPU
  • Holder: VERTEXX Edge Blade Holder
  • Runner: Vertexx LS3G+
  • Intermediate Sizing: 4 to 6.5
  • Widths: Fit 1 (Vapor – Narrow), Fit 2 (Supreme – Regular), Fit 3 (New large Volume Size)