Bauer Elite Senior Ice Hockey Goalie Skates [2024 Model]


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Bauer Elite Senior Ice Hockey Goalie Skates – 2024 Model

Building off the very popular 2021 Bauer Elite Goalie Skate is the new 2024 Bauer Elite Goalie Skate.  The Elite Goalie Skate has been the bestselling goalie skate at Goalies Plus.  The Elite combines a mid-level price point with pro features.  We feel that the Elite Goalie Skate is the best value for your overall dollar among goalie skates.

Bauer didn’t have to do much to the Elite Goal Skate to keep it at the top of the class but here are some of the new features for 2024. A new wider toe cap is probably the most important new feature.  There is nothing more uncomfortable for a goalie than a tight toe cap that squeezes the toes together.  The new toe cap on the Elite Goal Skate allows more resting freedom for the goalie’s toes.  The new 2024 Bauer Elite Goal Skates comes in slightly lighter than the previous generation of Elite goalie skates.

One thing to consider when buying a goalie skate is a good Orthotic insole.  Goalies Plus is a strong supporter of good Orthotics since a goalie is constantly on their feet (with no sitting time like a player – unless you are the back-up goalie, but even they want to be comfortable in warm-ups).  Foot fatigue is very real, so we strongly recommend an Orthotic like the Aetrex. This Orthotic in our opinion makes a huge difference in overall comfort and performance.

Bauer goalie skate sizing.   Bauer skate sizing: Junior 1 – 3.5, Intermediate 4 – 6.5 and Senior 7 – 12.5

Bauer Fit System:

  • Fit 1: Traditional Vapor Narrow Fit
  • Fit 2: Traditional Supreme Regular Fit
  • Fit 3: Larger Volume Fit

Bauer Elite Senior Ice Hockey Goalie Skate Features:

  • Model Year: 2024
  • VERSACOMP Quarter: Composite materials give this boot a much lighter feel, helping you stay quick in net.
  • Elite Ankle – Focus is everything. Added padding around the ankle for extra comfort keeps your attention on the game — not on how your skates feel.
  • VERTEXX Edge Holder – Our signature holder promotes a goalie’s preferred pitch and attack angle and features a trigger to quickly swap your steel.
  • LS3G+ Runner – Designed to complement the VERTEXX Edge Holder, this runner features an increased height to promote a more preferred attack angle.
  • Senior Sizing: 7 to 12.5