Bauer GSX Junior Ice Hockey Goalie Skates [2024 Model]


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Bauer GSX Junior Ice Hockey Goalie Skates – 2024 Model

New for 2024 is the next generation of the popular Bauer GSX goalie skates.  Unlike player skates where there are 5-6 price point options to choose from, the goalie industry only has three: a skate in the mid two hundred price range, a skate in the five to six hundred price range and a skate in the eight to 900 price range (which does not exist in the junior category).  This makes the GSX the most popular skate we sell for several reasons.  First, a growing kid will outgrow a skate before they break one down.  Two, an adult player who plays one to two times a week will take years to break a skate down, and three is pure economics of what people can afford.

The Bauer GSX Goal Skate is designed around a traditional boot style with a softer stiffness and deeper fit throughout — providing a comfortable, yet forgiving, feel.

One thing to consider when buying a goalie skate is a good Orthotic insole.  Goalies Plus is a strong supporter of good Orthotics since a goalie is constantly on their feet (with no sitting time like a player – unless you are the back-up goalie, but even they want to be comfortable in warm-ups).  Foot fatigue is very real, so we strongly recommend an Orthotic like the Aetrex. This Orthotic in our opinion makes a huge difference in overall comfort and performance.

Another key piece of information about the 2024 Bauer goalie skate line is the sizing format.  Bauer skate sizing: Junior 1 – 3.5, Intermediate 4 – 6.5 and Senior 7 – 12.

D width is a regular width
EE width is a wide width

Bauer GSX Junior Ice Hockey Goalie Skate Features:

  • Model Year: 2024
  • STANCEFLEX Quarter – Added forward flex and a soft liner keeps you comfortable and agile in net.
  • Lightweight TPU Outsole – Less weight on your feet means getting across the crease faster.
  • VERTEXX Edge Holder – Featured on the Youth GSX Goal Skate for the first time, this signature holder promotes a goalie’s preferred pitch and attack angle and features a trigger to quickly swap steel.
  • LS1G Runner – Strong, lightweight, and built to withstand every push-off and save.
  • Sizing: 1 to 3.5; Full & Half Sizes
  • Widths: D & EE