Bauer Konekt 2 Senior Ice Hockey Goalie Skates


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Bauer Konekt 2 Senior Ice Hockey Goalie Skates

New for 2024 is the second generation of the popular Konekt goalie skates.  The Konekt 2 goalie skate eliminates the costly (and long wait) of custom goalie skates.  The Bauer Konekt 2 Goalie Skate can be completely custom fitted to a goalie’s foot in less than an hour.

The Konekt 2 goalie skate gives the goalie a forward lean that cannot be obtained with a tradition goalie skate because of the hinged construction.  Because of the plastic shell and liner (both of which are formed to the goalie’s feet), the goalie does not lose any lateral support.  With a traditional goalie skate, the goalie would have to loosen the skate laces at the top of the skate quite a bit to even get close to the forward lean of the Konekt  2 Skate.  However, by doing this, these would lose all lateral support in the skate since the skate laces are so loose.  This is why so many goalies have switched to the Konekt series over the past few years.

One complaint on the first generation Konekt goalie skates was the buckles breaking or popping open.  Bauer has switched to a new style locking buckle that locks shut and is much more durable than the first-generation buckles.

Bauer has also made the entire boot made of GRILAMID on the Konekt 2 skates (versus just the upper on the original version).  This makes the boot stronger and lighter than the previous generation.

Bauer Konekt 2 Senior Goalie Skate Features:

  • Model Year: 2024
  • GRILAMID® Shell – The KONEKT2 shell is constructed entirely of GRILAMID®, the premier material of the professional ski industry; renowned for its thermoformable properties, low-temperature impact resistance, and toughness. Additionally, KONEKT2’s shell has been modified to provide increased depth for Fit 2 and Fit 3 goalies with a reduced weight.
  • ULTRALON Liner – Designed to enhance comfort and minimize negative space within the boot, this highly thermoformable liner molds to your foot during the fitting process.
  • HINGEFLEX with Flex Inhibitor – Get up to 22 degrees of additional flex in your stance with the HINGEFLEX cuff. Too much flex? Simply place a T-Nut on the flex inhibitor mount on the heel of the boot to effectively reduce overall flex by up to 50%.
  • Push Lock Buckles – Ski boot-inspired buckles provide a consistent fit while keeping you locked into your boots. Rotating the wires on each buckle allows to make micro-adjustments to dial in your fit even more.