Bauer S20 Elite Senior Goalie Chest & Arm Protector

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Bauer S20 Elite Senior Goalie Chest & Arm Protector

New for 2020 is the Bauer Elite series of chest protectors.  The Elite would basically replace the Supreme S29 but with a brand new design.  The Bauer Elite Chest protector is a mid to med-high end chest protector recommended for the goalie that plays three to four nights a week and needs a higher level of protection without breaking the bank.  The new Elite has taken the best of protection and mobility in this new design.  The Elite has a very square look in the shoulder area which provides the extra coverage area most goalies are looking for.  The arms of the Elite chest protector has a 3 way design that maximizes flexibility and movement.  I molded foam floating sternum plate provides excellent protection along with flexibility.  The rib area of the Elite unit has an extended wrap for increased protection.

The many adjustable feature of the new Bauer Elite chest & arm protector provide the ability to customize the fit to each unique goaltender.  The arms on the Elite chest are fully adjustable with approximately three inches of overall adjustment.  The neck and collar area of this unit is also fully adjustable.  Many times on the collar area, chest protectors will hang way to low which exposes the collar bone to injury.  With the adjustable collar are, goalies can customize the fit to their exact needs.  The bottom portion of this chest protector has removable flaps.  If a goalie prefers their chest protector to be longer, these flaps can be left in.  If a goalie prefers the chest protector to be worm shorter at the belt line, these flaps can be removed.

A few new unique feature that have been added to the Elite chest protector are the suspender slot straps and the pant connection strap.  The shoulder floaters of the Elite unit have a velcro’d strap across the top portion of each floater.  A goalie can secure their suspender straps in these slots which eliminates the suspenders from falling down the goalies arm during play.  Once the suspender strap slides down the goalies arm, it is very difficult to fix during play and can be a big distraction.  The pant connection strap is located at the back bottom of the chest protector.  This allows a goalie to connect the chest protector and pant together to create more unity between the two pieces.

Bauer S20 Elite Senior Goalie Chest & Arm Protector Features:

  • Model Year: 2020
  • Shoulder Floaters: Hybrid shape with suspender slot strap
  • Stomach Protection: Multi layer impact foam plus core extension fit
  • Sternum: Molded floating foam
  • Spine: Hybrid shape with pant connection strap
  • Side Wrap: Three piece design with extended rib protection wrap
  • Arm Protection: Dynamic 3 flex for protection and mobility
  • Arm Adjustment: Free floating velcro adjustment
  • Belly Liner: Thermomax+
  • Arm Line: Open mesh for breathability