Bauer S20 GSX Junior Goalie Leg Pads

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Bauer S20 GSX Junior Goalie Leg Pads

New for 2020 is the Bauer GSX goalie line.  The Bauer GSX goalie series is the price point model Bauer will be making moving forward.  In the past, Bauer would make three series in a model. For example we can use the previous generation Supreme’s, there was a 2s Pro at the pro level, the S29 at a high end mid level and the S27 at the lower price point.  The biggest issue we noticed with the three models is the lower price point always seemed pretty cheap compared to the top two .  For many reasons, the bottom model never seemed to sell well with us.  Anyone shopping in this price range would tend to go to close-outs versus this price point.  In order for this level pad to become feasible, it needed to have a much higher quality then what has been previously offered.  Bauer has stepped up the quality and completely separated this price point into it’s own unique line.  Before we would say that the S27 was a good one to two day a week pad, we can now say that the GSX line is a two to three day a week pad (maybe even four depending on the goalie). So with a cool sock graphic and quality upgrades, we expect the GSX line to do very well in the upcoming future.

As for the pad itself, the GSX has many great features.  Starting with weight, the GSX is a very lightweight pad with a Dynamic Flex core.  We would compare this core more to the Vapor series (versus the Supreme) as it has a break above and below the knee,  These breaks and a natural s-shape allow the pad to easily seal the five hole in the butterfly technique, even for goalies without a naturally wide butterfly.  The breaks also allow for for a lot of torsional flex (twisting) in the pad which is ideal for a hybrid style goalie.  The leg channel uses a butterfly assist pillow in the inside calf area.  This pillow helps stabilize the lower leg when the goalie goes into the butterfly technique.  The Tune Fit strapping system allows the goalie to make the leg channel as tight or as loose as they prefer.  Lastly, the offset bungee toe tie system allows the pad to stay tight to the front of the skate while rotating naturally when a goalie is skating or using a butterfly technique.  The bungee cord stretched when needed and this not only improves performance, but it also will help alleviate pressure off the goalies ankles, knee and hips.

Another great aspect of the Bauer S20 GSX junior goalie leg pads is the use of proportionate sizing.  By this we mean that the taller the pad, the wider it becomes.  So at the Small and Medium sizes, the pad is a nine inch width.  At the Large size, the pad is a nine and a half inch width.  Proportionate sizing is vital for a young goalie as a pad that is too narrow or too wide can drastically hurt a goalies performance.

Bauer S20 GSX Junior Goalie Leg Pads Features:

  • Model Year: 2020
  • Style Of Play: Hybrid or reactionary
  • Knee Construction: Square knee black
  • Leg Channel: Butterfly assist calf pillow
  • Core: Dynamic flex core
  • Breaks: Above and below knees
  • Toe Attachment: Offset stretch bungee
  • Strapping System: Tune fit connect
  • Boot Flex: 115 degree
  • Graphic: Sock graphic
  • Colors: Black, Navy, Red W/ White stripes
  • Width: Proportionate Sizing
  • Sizing:
    • Small = 26+
    • Medium = 28+
    • Large = 30+