Bauer S20 Supreme 3s Pro Intermediate Goalie Skates

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Bauer S20 Supreme 3s Pro Intermediate Goalie Skates

The Supreme 3S Pro Goal Skate is for the skilled goalie. The 3SPRO replaces the S29, and now features Aerofoam ankle padding for comfort and aflat collar for support with a larger lundy loop for easier boot strap connection. Finally, there’s an LS3gPLUs runner and new toe cap for improved attack angle.It will have the new Supreme depth and wrap of 151 millimeters.

Just like the Ultrasonic goal skates, we have noticed a big difference from the previous Supreme S29 to the new 3s Pro goal skate.  The first thing you will notice is the 3s Pro fits wider then the previous generations of Supreme goalie skates.  This had been an issue for many customers as the Supreme goalie skates were too narrow.  Some goalies are prone to have their feet swell while playing and having a narrow boot made this very painful.  The new Ultrasonic boot is definitely wider the and overall better fitting goalie skate.  The new 48 oz. pro felt tongue is also a huge improvement.  The flex forward in the new 3s Pro is much more natural and with greater flexibility compared to the S29. The arerofoam ankle padding also seems to add a greater amount of ankle flexibility without compromising support. Overall we feel like the improvements to the 3s Pro goalie skate line will add a performance and comfort factor that has been an issue in years past.

Another key piece of information about the 2020 Bauer Supreme goalie skate line is the new sizing format.  Intermediate is now a new category for Bauer skate sizing.  Intermediate sizes will be from size 4 to 6.5

D width is a regular width
EE width is a wide width

Bauer S20 Supreme 3s Pro Intermediate Goalie Skate Features:

  • Model Year: 2020
  • Quarter Package: 3D Curv Composite
  • Lining Material: Grip Liner
  • Ankle Padding: Aerofoam
  • Tongue: 48oz. Felt
  • Toe Cap: Low Profile Assymentrical
  • Thermofoamable: Anaform Upper
  • Outsole: Pro TPU
  • Holder: VERTEXX Edge Blade Holder
  • Runner: LS3G+  Stainless Steel
  • Sizing:  to 6.5; Full & Half Sizes
  • Widths: D & EE