Bauer S20 Supreme Ultrasonic Senior Goalie Leg Pads

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Bauer S20 Supreme Ultrasonic Senior Goalie Leg Pads

The Ultrasonic Goal Pad is made for the elite goalie. The Ultrasonic features our newest innovation, Stabilislide Knee Block, which prevents under and over-rotation to provide the goalie with a perfect ice seal. That’s only one part of how we’ve re-engineered the butterfly. We have a new 151 Degree shock lite Core which gives the pad a better overall shape AND better position on the leg. It’s reinforced with Curv to add to the seal, and a Butterfly Assist calf pillow which works with a new calf plate to enhance the seal.We’ve evolved our Tune fit strapping, it now features a connect strap that adds stability below the knee, which is removable if the goalie prefers to play without it. Finally, a Connect Flex 125degree boot, which is our traditional Supreme angle, now offers a more flexible game-ready feel.

The Bauer Supreme Ultrasonic is considered the blocking or “butterfly” style pad in the Bauer line.  Make no mistake on the Supreme Ultrasonic goalie leg pad, it is a very stiff pad.  We would probably rate the Supreme Ultrasonic as the stiffest pad that we sell.  So if you are looking for that stiff style pad with a very active rebound, the 3s is probably the best pad you can purchase.

Looking at some of the features of the new Ultrasonic goal pads, we will start at the thigh rise.  Bauer added CURV Composite material in the thigh rise for added strength and even more active rebounds, which again make this a very stiff leg pad.  An adjustable outer knee wing is stock on the Ultrasonic leg pad, so if a goalie like a tighter or more loose knee channel – it is easy to make this adjustment.  The knee block itself has a square design to help seal the internal butterfly coverage. The Tune Fit strapping system comes with a control strap just above the calf.  The control strap is becoming more and more popular with most of the manufactures.  This is because the new style elastic strapping that everyone is using allows for a lot of stretch from the goalies leg to the goal pad, probably too much.  The control strap keeps the pad closer to the goalies leg without compromising pad rotation.  This allows for maximum performance while adding a safety measure.  The calf area utilizes an internal elastic strap and an external elastic strap. A calf pillow comes standard on the Ultrasonic goal pad which adds stability and support to the lower leg area while in the butterfly technique. The boot area of the Supreme Ultrasonic pad has a 125 degree flex which allows for a good range of motion on the boot and ankle area.  This is very important in the recovery process for a goaltender. The toe area will continue to use an offset bungee attachment system that has been standard on previous Supreme and Vapor goalie pads.

The Bauer Supreme Ultrasonic is a high level pad.  Recommended for 5 to 7 uses per week.

Bauer S20 Supreme Ultrasonic Senior Goalie Leg Pads Features:

  • Model Year: 2020
  • Knee Construction: Square knee block plus CORTECH ST landing
  • Strapping: Tune Fit Connect system
  • Leg Channel: Butterfly assist calf pillow
  • Boot Flex: Connect Flex 125 degree
  • Core: 151 degree shocklite core (flex below the knee), Assymetrical CURV Composite thigh rise
  • Toe: Offset bungee toe attachment
  • Material: CORETECH ST
  • Calf Plate: Stable Plate + CORTECH ST
  • Knee Wing: Adjustable width
  • Boot Strap: Included as an accessory
  • Sizing:
    • X-Small = 32+
    • Small = 33+
    • Medium = 34+
    • Large = 35+
    • XL = 36+

Difference between the Bauer Vapor & Supreme Goalie Pads

The main difference comes down to the Bauer Vapor 2X being a hybrid style goalie pad and the Bauer Supreme 3s being a blocking style or butterfly style goalie pad.  The Vapor goalie pad is a softer pad with more horizontal flex and lateral flex while still keeping a stiff face for maximum puck rebound.  The Vapor pad has more pre-curve to the entire pad, this allows a goalie with a narrower butterfly technique to opportunity close the five hole completely.  The Supreme 3s goalie pad is much more rigid with only one break below the knee, this makes the Supreme pad much stiffer all around.  From the bottom of the knee up, this is very little curve in the Supreme pad, so this is best used by a goalie with a wide butterfly technique – an example being a goalie like Ben Bishop of the Dallas Stars. Both series come with a fully adjustable strapping system and the ability to add or remove a boot strap.