Bauer S20 Supreme Ultrasonic Senior Goalie Stick

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Bauer Supreme Ultrasonic Senior Goalie Stick

The Ultrasonic Goal Stick is for the elite goalie. For the Ultrasonic, the focus is on durability. We’ve added in Advanced Carbon Layering to the Textreme build on the paddle and blade; we’ve also upgraded to a 3K carbon shaft that improves durability while shedding weight to improve the balance. Finally, the new ERGO SPINE plus is extended to improve durability for impacts on the paddle.

The Ultrasonic is the next generation of the revolutionary 2s Pro goal stick.  When the 2s Pro stick came out, there was a large amount of skepticism regarding the open spine back.  What most people didn’t realize was by opening the back and rolling the front edges over, it actually made the stick much stronger then a traditional process.  With the new Supreme Ultrasonic goal stick, the spine has actually been made longer to provide more even strength to the bottom portion of the stick.  Now by adding strength, the Ultrasonic is even lighter then the 2s Pro.  This is by far the lightest goalie stick on the market today.

Bauer Supreme Ultrasonic Senior Goalie Stick Features:

  • Model Year: 2020
  • Paddle Sizes: 25, 26 & 27
  • Key Upgrades: Ergo Spine +, ACL Technology, 3K Lightweight Shaft
  • Paddle: Ergo SPine +, TEXTREME Construction, ACL Technology
  • Shaft: 3K Carbon Construction
  • Blade: TEXTREME with Aerofoam III Core