Bauer Supreme M5 Pro Senior Goalie Equipment Combo

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Bauer Supreme M5 Pro Senior Goalie Leg Pads

The Bauer Supreme is considered the “butterfly” style pad in the Bauer line.  In the past, the Supreme Senior Pro (next step down from high end pro) was extremely stiff and for the most part not a very manageable pad for most goalies.  Moving forward in 2022, Bauer made the M5 core a bit softer dual density foam core so it would be more user friendly for a larger number of goalies.  At Goalies Plus, we really liked this change; although still a butterfly styled pad – it is a much more forgiving pad then past generation Bauer Supreme lines.  When you look at Supreme goalies in the NHL or at higher levels, the trend is a taller goalie using the Supreme pads.  That makes sense because a taller goalie has more area to spread out the stiffness of the pads.  However, goalies around six feet and under – the supreme pads would become so stiff that it would bind up and hinder the goalies mobility. Think of cutting a players hockey stick – the more cut down, the stiffer the stick. Foams in a goalie pad work the same way, a taller pad will be less stiff then a shorter pad.  Therefore, the shorter a pad would be with the same type of foams, the stiffer the pad would become.  It is our opinion that this stiff pad did not match what a majority of goalies wanted or needed.  So, the fact that the new M5 Pro pads have a softer high end dual density foam core, we feel that this will make the M5 an extremely popular option – similar to the Vapor 3x of 2021.

The Supreme M5 goalie leg pads are designed as a 151 degree shaped pad for optimized coverage in the butterfly and a break below the knee for pro shape, the thick profile prevents shooters from seeing any net and the 120 boot angle allow rebounds to deflect away from the front of the net.

Bauer has done a tremendous job creating the M5 goalie pad with a very active rebound without feeling like a stiff piece of steel on your legs.  The Supreme Mach pad has an L-Shape design with a single break below the knee yet the top is not so stiff that it will seal the butterfly technique even if you do not have a “wide” butterfly.

Bauer will use the C.O.R. Tech Plus material for the new M5 Pro pad.  This new material has better durability then previous generation Bauer C.O.R. materials.  Along with being more durable, the C.O.R. Plus has great stability when the goalie is moving laterally in the various butterfly techniques. The new core will feature the Rebound Boost Core which provides extremely active rebounds off the face of the M5 Pro pads.

Also new for 2022 is the Calf Support System (C.S.S). This new calf wrap construction includes a calf pillow that provides optimal balance in the lower leg while the goalie is in the various butterfly techniques.

The strapping system on the Bauer Supreme Mach leg pads features the Tune Fit+ system.  The Tune Fit+ is an elastic and velcro strapping system that allows the goalie to customize the fit of the pad in a matter of seconds.

Bauer will continue with the popular 120 degree soft boot flex on the Bauer Supreme M5 leg pads.

In the toe area, Bauer will continue to use the bungee cord system from past generations of Vapor and Supreme goalie pads. For years manufactures have used a skate lace to connect the toe of the pad to the toe of the skate. In recent years, after market bungee toe tie products have become very popular because they allow the toe of the pad to stretch from the toe of the skate with an elastic type effect. This stretching and recoiling improves the recovery process and creates more power pushes for the goalie. This toe system also takes pressure off the goalies ankles, knees and hips because it eliminates the quick stop and jerk process that skate lace has when it runs out of slack.

** Please note that Bauer sizing does seem to run smaller then Vaughn and CCM.  So if you are a 34+ in a Vaughn or a CCM, more then likely you will be a 35+ in a Bauer.  Please reference our goalie sizing guide for proper sizing instructions.

Bauer Supreme M5 Pro Intermediate Leg Pad Specs:

  • Model Year: 2022
  • Knee Block Construction: Stabilislide -Prevents over-rotation with a built in bracket allowing the goalie to have great ice seal and coverage down low.
  • Strapping System: Tune Fit+ Strapping – Balances the pad on the leg. Adjustable straps on the top and bottom allow for the exact fit to be customized on the leg.
  • Boot Strap: Optional boot strap will come in a separate package with the goalie pads.
  • C.O.R.TECH + CALF PLATE: Easy slide calf plate allows the goalie to move effortlessly in the net. With the molded pillow added from MACH theM5PRO goalie has added support to be stable in the butterfly position.
  • DUAL-DENSITY PAD CORE: 151 degree break below the knee angle for optimum coverage and 120 degree soft boot angle for deflecting pucks.
  • Toe System: Bungee Toe Tie
  • Sizing:
    • X-Small = 32+
    • Small = 33+
    • Medium = 34+
    • Large = 35+
    • XL = 36+

Bauer Supreme M5 Pro Senior Goalie Catch Glove

The M5 PRO Catcher is designed with advanced technology to provide unmatched closure, coverage, and control in net. Featuring a ‘fingers to thumb’ hand closure with a deep pocket, this is for goalies who are looking for a large coverage catching surface.

The Supreme Mach glove will continue with the one piece cuff design.  The cuff will have CURV composite reinforcement. The glove closure will also be the same as the past generation Supreme catch gloves with a 75 degree break.  Combined with the double t pocket, the 75 degree closure makes the Mach glove very easy to open and close right off the shelf.  For palm protection, the Supreme M5 catch glove will use a rebound control high density foam in the palm.  This provides the goalie a high level of protection without sacrificing the flexibility when opening and closing of the glove. A deep double t pocket give the goalie an extra bit of forgiveness when catching pucks.

The backhand of the Bauer Supreme Mach glove will have the Free Flex system.  The Free Flex has been proven to provide the extra flexibility goalies desire which again makes the glove much easier to open and close.  The inner palm material of the Supreme Mach glove will come stock with the MACH Grip Print material.  The Grip Print liner allows the goalies fingers to grip the inner palm of the glove – allowing for more control.  Even when the glove is soaking wet, the goalie can still control the palm at peak performance with this material.

Bauer Supreme M5 Pro Catch Glove Specs:

  • Model Year: 2022
  • Coverage: CATCHLITE MATERIAL: Palm and T-TRAP material for easy opening and closing- making sure no pucks bounce out after a save.
  • Protection: CATCH-GRIP+ PALM LINER: Interior grip material for enhanced control in the Fingers-To-Thumb catching position, to create a glove best suited for goalies who catch in this manner.
  • Pocket Style: Double T
  • Pocket Lacing: Nylon
  • Range Of Motion: New ROM (range of motion) wrist strap for comfortable wrist articulation and control. Adjustable for a lower lock on the wrist.
  • Sizing:
    • Regular = Glove Goes On Left Hand
    • Full Right = Glove Goes On Right Hand

Bauer Supreme M5 Pro Senior Goalie Blocker

Step onto the ice ready to stop anything that comes your way. The M5 PRO blocker delivers supreme stability – so you can be in control in any situation. Designed as a one-piece blocker board for maximum coverage, this is for the goalie who needs the most blocking surface and rebound pop possible.

The palm of the Supreme M5 blocker will use the extremely popular Nash palm that was used on the Vapor 3x blockers.  The Nash palm material will give the goalie a feel not seen in previous generations of Supreme blockers.  This equates to more stick control, better feel and better overall performance.  With stick handling being a must for goalies in today’s game, the blocker palm is vital to stick handling success.

The finger protection of the Bauer Supreme Mach blocker is fully adjustable and will also have Poron for added protection.  The sidewall of the M5 blocker will come stock with a thump pillow for added support and protection to the inside of the hand and thumb area.

A new and improved blocker board features pro level dual density foams which provide extremely active rebounds off the face of the blocker.  This allows the goalies to punch rebounds far away from the crease when make a blocker save.

The cuff opening on the Supreme M5 blocker uses the Range Of Motion design which has an asymmetrical design that allows for maximum wrist mobility.  Again with stick handing at a premium in the new age of goaltending, every little detail becomes vital to a goalies success.  With the mobility the Mach blocker provides, we feel this gives a goalie their best chance for success in both save techniques and stick handling techniques.

Bauer Supreme M5 Pro Blocker Specs:

  • Model Year: 2022
  • Cuff Design: Range Of Motion (R.O.M) CUFF – Blocker cuff designed for comfortable wrist articulation and control. Allows the goalie to easily get tthe blocker in the right position.
  • Palm: Nash Palm with 14.5” palm dimension allows the goalie to fully adjust their fit and be comfortable.
  • Blocker Board: One Piece High Density foam provides for control and support in the side plate.
  • Sizing:
    • Regular = Blocker Goes On Right Hand
    • Full Right = Blocker Goes On Left Hand

Goalies Plus Exclusive Supreme M5 Custom Colors:

  • Black & Orange 
  • White, Blue & Black
  • Black & Red
  • Navy & Red
  • Custom Black
    • Unlike other “Black” option on the marketplace, our Custom Black will not have white line going through the middle of the blocker.