Bauer Supreme Mach Custom Goalie Catch Glove [Custom]

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Bauer Supreme Mach Custom Goalie Catch Glove

Ready to custom order your new Bauer Supreme Mach goalie catch glove – Goalies Plus has you covered!  Bauer’s customizer makes ordering your new glove a breeze with their new Recipe ID system.  Simply log onto, go to the Customize tab near the top right corner of the page, click on customize and select Goalie Gear to customize.  Once you have a Recipe ID number, simply put it in the comment section of order and Goalies Plus will start the process.  If you would like to take advantage of the 50% deposit with 50% due on delivery method of payment, simply call 1-800-599-2440 X2 and speak with Mike to place your order.

Building off the extremely successful Supreme Ultrasonic catch glove, the Supreme Mach will use the new SL1D3R skin technology.  This is a one piece thermoformed skin that is lightweight and extremely durable.

The Supreme Mach glove will continue with the one piece cuff design.  The cuff will have CURV composite reinforcement. The glove closure will also be the same as the past generation Supreme catch gloves with a 75 degree break.  Combined with the double t pocket, the 75 degree closure makes the Mach glove very easy to open and close right off the shelf.  For palm protection, the Supreme Mach glove will use the CURV Composite reinforced palm plus Poron.  The CURV Composite Material and Poron have been added both internally and externally on the Mach catch glove. This provides the goalie pro level protection without sacrificing the flexibility when opening and closing of the glove.

The backhand of the Bauer Supreme Mach glove will have the Free Flex system.  The Free Flex has been proven to provide the extra flexibility goalies desire which again makes the glove much easier to open and close.  The inner palm material of the Supreme Mach glove will come stock with the MACH Grip Print material.  The Grip Print liner allows the goalies fingers to grip the inner palm of the glove – allowing for more control.  Even when the glove is soaking wet, the goalie can still control the palm at peak performance with this material.

The Bauer Supreme Mach is a pro level catch glove.  Recommended for 5 to 7 uses per week.

Bauer Supreme Mach Custom Goalie Catch Glove Options:

  • Palm Stiffness:
    • Game Ready (Soft)
    • Pro Palm (Stiff)
  • Poron Padding:
    • Stock
  • Palm Material:
    • Mach Grip Print
  • Pocket Style

    • Singe T
    • Double T
  • Pocket Lacing:
    • Skate Lace
    • Waxed Skate Lace
    • Nylon
  • T Spine Lacing:

    • Skate Lace
    • Waxed Skate Lace
    • Nylon
  • Sizing:
    • Regular = Glove Goes On Left Hand
    • Full Right = Glove Goes On Right Hand
  • Custom Pro Vs. Custom:

    • Bauer offers two levels of customization – Custom Pro & Custom
    • Custom = Colors and can changed and embroidery can be added – No changes to stock construction of the glove (No additional fee for custom)
    • Custom Pro = Colors and internal options can be changed

Custom Order Your Bauer Supreme Mach Pro Custom Goalie Catch Glove at Goalies Plus!

  • 50% Deposit to place your order!

  • 50% Balance due on completion of your order

  • Go to Bauer Customizer web site: and fill out the custom your custom colors and specs!

  • Call Goalies Plus at 1-800-599-2440 X2 and provide Recipe ID number to Mike