Bauer Supreme S170 Junior Goalie Catch Glove


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The Bauer Supreme S170 Junior Goalie Catch Glove is a mid level glove. Recommended 2 to 4 uses per week.

Bauer Supreme S170 Junior Goalie Catch Glove

For young goalies that prefer to play a coverage style “butterfly” style game, the Bauer Supreme S170 Junior Goalie Catch Glove is a great option at a great price. Built in a smaller spec version the senior Supreme catch gloves, the S170 glove has a shallow thumb angle and a one piece cuff.

Bauer Supreme S170 Goalie Catch Glove Features

  • One piece cuff design
  • Free Flex cuff
  • Deep single T pocket

Bauer Reactor Glove Vs. Bauer Supreme Glove

Bauer has two very different lines of goalie equipment, the Reactor series which is made for the hybrid style goalie and the Supreme line which is made for coverage style goalies. The Bauer Reactor glove has a two piece cuff vs. the Bauer Supreme glove with a one piece cuff. Hybrid style goalies tend to like the two piece cuff for the extra mobility while the coverage style goalies tend to like the one piece cuff which is a bit stiffer. Another difference in the two glove designs are the thumb construction. The Reactor has a deep angle thumb which does a great job of directing pucks into the webbing but it also loses a bit of surface area. The Supreme glove has a shallower thumb angle which increases surface area but can make it more difficult to catch the puck if the catching technique is not precise. Goalies that struggle with “pop outs” with their gloves would benefit from a deeper thumb angle while goalies with good eye hand coordination benefit from the added surface area. The Bauer Reactor series uses a single t design while the Supreme uses a double t design (2014/15). Please note that the newer 2016 versions of the Supreme lines (1S, S190, S170, S150) have actually switched to the singe anchor t. There is actually no size difference between the two t’s, however the optical illusion of the double t makes it look bigger but the reality is they are the same size.

Sizing Differences: Youth, Junior & Intermediate

Many parents do not understand the sizing terms used in goalie equipment. Youth, junior and intermediate are often confused as too which term goes with which age group. We will explain the differences to help eliminate any errors in the ordering process. Youth goalie gear is the smallest on the market. This is generally for your five year to eight year old goalies. Youth gear is generally less expensive and not made with high quality materials. Higher quality materials and foams at a youth level pose two issues. One; they are too stiff for a small goalie to move around and two; the goalie will outgrow the gear before they even break it in. Therefore it is ok to have lesser quality at the youth goalie gear age group. The junior goalie equipment is for the eight year to the twelve year old goalie. This again is not made with the highest quality materials. The quality is certainly better then the youth gaolie gear however the need for flexibility and movement outweighs the need for high end materials that will last several years. In the junior level gear, specs are more defined and equipment is made with performance in mind. Generally junior goalie equipment will have a lot of performance features that will be found in higher level gear. Lastly is the intermediate level goalie equipment. Intermediate gear is generally for eleven to fourteen year old goalies or even smaller adults. This gear generally uses higher density foams and higher quality materials. Goalies in this age group put a lot of wear and tear on their gear so manufactures need to build it accordingly. Everything about intermediate gear is made with higher level performance features and extra protection features. Players at this age group are playing faster and shooting harder therefore the goalie gear needs to be better as well.

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