Bauer Supreme S170 Senior Goalie Leg Pads

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The Bauer Supreme S170 Senior Goalie Leg Pads are a mid-level pad.
Recommended 2 to 4 uses per week.

Bauer Supreme S170 Senior Goalie Leg Pads

We consider this pad a true mid-level goalie pad that is good for two to four uses per week. There are very few true mid-level pads on the marker today, most companies either pro level, high mid-level or low mid-level. It is our opinion, there are not a lot of good options at this price level in the goalie market today, most that are at the same price level we consider low-mid level.

With a design that imitates the Bauer 1S and S190 pads, the Bauer S170 pad has the adjustable knee cradle which is great for customizing your particular size and the S170 also comes with the Custom Rotation System (CSR). The CRS is used on the pro and high mid-level Bauer goalie pads, it is a elastic style strapping system that brings the pad tighter to the goalies leg while also allowing for better rotation when the goalie goalies down in the butterfly position. This style strapping system is now seen in a large number of custom pro goalie pads this year. The Bauer S170 pad is a coverage style pad that is generally used by goalies that prefer to play big and use the butterfly technique when making a save.

Bauer Supreme S170 Leg Pad Features

  • AKL – Adjustable Knee Lock
  • REACTOR knee guard included
  • Custom Rotation System (CRS) strapping
  • Triangular vertical rolls
  • Legal Spec Sizing

Bauer Goalie Leg Pad Sizing

New for 2016, Bauer goalie has introduced a sizing system – Small, Medium, Large, X-Large. For most goalies that have played for any length of time, this can seem confusing or odd. Bauer is basically trying to make this easier on the casual goalie or parent by simplifying the definitions. Here is a simple explanation of how these sizes work:

  • Small = 33+1in. Pad
  • Medium = 34+1in. Pad
  • Large = 35+1in. Pad
  • X-Large = 36+1in. Pad

Bauer Supreme (1S, S190, S170, S150) Vs. Bauer Reactor Series

Understanding the differences in goalie pads can be a huge advantage when purchasing new pads. Bauer makes a hybrid style pad and a coverage style pad. The hybrid series for Bauer is the Reactor series. This series is made for the hybrid style goalie, Bauer has used the tern “Battlefly” in the past to describe this goalie. Essentially the hybrid goalie makes a large variety of saves and are very active and likes to move around. These goalies need a leg pad that will move and twist with them and that is how the Bauer Reactor leg pads perform, lots of flex and movement with the goalie. The other style pad Bauer has is the Supreme series. The Supreme (1S, S190, S170, S150) are built for a goalie that likes to stay controlled and play very big. The term used is “Butterfly” style goalie, we do not like this term as it seems to limit the goalie to one save technique. In reality the goalie will still make other save selections however the preferred method of save selection is the butterfly technique. Hopefully this can give you an idea of what type of pad best suits your style of play.