Bauer Supreme S170 Sr Goalie Skates

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The Bauer Supreme S170 Goalie Skates mid-level skate. Recommended 1 to 3 uses per week.

Bauer Supreme S170 Goalie Skates

New for 2016 is the Bauer Supreme S170 Goalie Skates. Not many goalies skates have generated the amount of buzz that the new Bauer Supreme goalie skates have because of a unique feature, or should we say lack of a feature. The new Bauer Supreme goalie skates no longer have the traditional plastic cowling that has been used on every pair of goalie skates for the past several generations. In an effort to make the Supreme goalie skates as light as possible, Bauer has removed the cowlings and added a stronger toe cap.

The TPR outsole also gives extra protection along the sides of the foot. By eliminating the cowling, these goalie skates drop considerably in weight. Also new for the Supreme goalie skates is the Vortex holder, this holder sits taller then past cowlings and allows for a more aggressive blade angle. The blade is also removable and for 2016 and all Supreme goalie skates will use the 3mm wide runners.

The Supreme S170 Skate differs from the S190 goalie skate and the S1 goalie skate in a few areas. Generally speaking, the S170 is a the mid level skate that uses a thinner tongue, less thermo-foam materials and a downgraded footbed and liner. For the goalie that plays 1 to 3 times a week, these differences do not make a big difference. The integrity of the S170 skate and performance will be very similar to the S190 and 1S however it will not take the same amount of abuse that those two models will. So if you play 1 to 3 days a week or if you are a growing young adult who will only get a season out of a pair of skates, the Supreme S170 is a great option for you.

Bauer Supreme S170 Goalie Skates Features
  • Tech-mesh boot construction
  • Asymmetric goalie specific boot design
  • Asymmetric extended felt tongue
  • EVA footbed with ERGOTOE protection
  • VERTEXX EDGE goalie holder
  • TPR outsole
  • New goalie specific toe cap
  • 3mm LS1G removable runner
  • Lundqvist loop