Bauer Supreme S190 Senior Goalie Blocker

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The Bauer Supreme S190 Seniorr Goalie Blocker is a high mid-level blocker. Recommended 3 to 5 uses per week.

Bauer Supreme S190 Senior Goalie Blocker

New for 2016 is the Bauer Supreme S190 Senior Goalie Blocker. The Supreme series is the maximum coverage “butterfly” style series from Bauer. The 190 blocker has all the features of the Supreme 1s blocker without the Curv composite in the blocker board and a different palm material. The S190 blocker is made for the goalie who plays competitively a few nights week. The XRD reinforced finger protection provides great protection without adding bulk. This blocker does a very nice job of keeping the weight down. Some manufactures can have a great lightweight pro blocker but then the high mid-level blocker comes in significantly heavier. The S190 does not have this added weight, it is both light weight and balanced. Feel is a key aspect of any blocker, goalies must be able to have a very good feel with the blocker since this is the hand that is doing a large majority of the stick work. Coverage style blockers tend to have a tighter fit in the palm and finger stalls while the hybrid style blocker tends to have more room in the palm and finger stalls. The Supreme S190 being a coverage style blocker has a tighter fit in the palm.

Bauer Supreme S190 Senior Goalie Blocker Features

  • Pro Spec Sizing
  • XRD® Foam reinforced fingers
  • Maximum coverage and side hand protection
  • Soft nash palm with extra layer of reinforcement

Is A Blocker Just A Blocker?

Many times you will here the phrase – a blocker is just a blocker. What does this mean? Well if you took it literally, it would mean that all blockers are basically the same and it really doesn’t matter what blocker you are using. I know when I here this phrase it drives me crazy as goalie. Just like most things goalie these days, you have two styles of gear; a coverage style and a hybrid style. The hybrid goalie generally likes a more wide open cuff, more contour on the blocker board and a palm to maximize mobility and agility. The coverage style goalie likes a flatter board with a tighter palm for a more secure and stiff feel. Another key aspect of blockers is weight. It is important to realize that on the right side of the goalies body (for a regular handed goalie), the goalie is wearing a blocker and holding a stick. On the left side of the body the goalie only has a glove. This makes the goalies body off centered because of the weight difference and the goalie must counter act this difference to get a correct center of gravity. By reducing the weight of the blocker, you are reducing the difference in the center of gravity therefore making the goalie more naturally balanced. Another key aspect is stick handling. Goalies are getting better and better every year with stick handling. Since the level of training and coaching in goaltending has gone up so much in the past ten years, sometimes the difference between making a team and not making a team can be stick handling. Since the blocker hand is the dominant hand while stick handling, have the right blocker is extremely important.

Buying a Pro Blocker Vs. Mid Level Blocker

As we compare differences in gear levels, Goalies Plus does its best to explain when and where you need to spend a little more or where you can save a few dollars. A pro blocker is built with the highest level material. The palm is the one area that you generally see wear issues with a blocker. Some goalies that use a lot of tape – particularly where the goalie holds the stick in their ready position see a lot of palm issues. Others that do not use tape in this location do not see significant palm issues. The materials used in the pro palm do a good job of preventing premature wear. Another area you will see a lot of wear is in the binding area, again the better materials in pro blocker help prevent this wear. The question then becomes safety and honestly there are no real safety concerns between a pro level blocker and a high mid-level blocker. We can honestly say that if you need to spend your money wisely and save a few dollars, the blocker is the one area we recommended going down a level to do so. Even with a little extra wear, the price of a high mid-level blocker is almost half of a pro level blocker. There is no way to guarantee any safety measures in goaltending but the blocker does seem to be the most common place to make a change for budget concerns.

Warranty Information

This product is warranted against defects in manufacturing and workmanship per the following terms:

Warranty – 90 days from the consumer date of purchase

Who Should I Contact?
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