Bauer Supreme S190 Sr Goalies Skates

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The Bauer Supreme S190 Goalie Skates are a high mid-level skate. Recommended 3 to 5 uses per week.

Bauer Supreme S190 Goalie Skate

New for 2016 is the Bauer Supreme S190 Goalie Skates. Not many goalies skates have generated the amount of buzz that the new Bauer Supreme goalie skates have because of a unique feature, or should we say lack of a feature. The new Bauer Supreme goalie skates no longer have the traditional plastic cowling that has been used on every pair of goalie skates for the past several generations. In an effort to make the Supreme goalie skates as light as possible, Bauer has removed the cowlings and added a stronger toe cap. The TPU outsole also gives extra protection along the sides of the foot. By eliminating the cowling, these goalie skates drop considerably in weight. Also new for the Supreme goalie skates is the Vortex holder, this holder sits taller then past cowlings and allows for a more aggressive blade angle. The blade is also removable and for 2016 and all Supreme goalie skates will use the 3mm wide runners.

The Supreme S190 goalie skate is a high mid level goalie skate. This skate can be used by the recreational goalie or the high end goalie who puts a lot of wear and tear on their goalie skates. The S190 goalie skate uses a thicker felt tongue which helps reduce lace bite and the form fit footbed. Since goales stand on their feet the entire game, having the upgraded form fit footbed helps a great deal in the comfort level of the goalie. The S190 goalie skate uses the TPU outsole and has a greater amount of thermo-fit materials which again helps with comfort and also increases overall performance. The new Vortex Edge holder allows for the most attack angle ever in a goalie skate.

Bauer Supreme S190 Goalie Skate Features

  • 3-D anaformable BAUER Curv® composite boot
  • Asymmetric goalie specific boot design
  • Asymmetric extended felt tongue
  • HYDRA MAX 2 liner
  • FORM-FIT+ footbed with ERGOTOE protection
  • TPU outsole
  • VERTEXX EDGE goalie holder
  • Goalie specific toe cap
  • 3mm LS1G removable runner
  • Lundqvist loop

Sharpening A Goalie Skate – Hybrid Vs. Coverage Styles

It is very easy for Goalies Plus to sell you a pair of goalie skate and be done with it. We do not work that way and want to give some pointers moving forward to help maximize your skating potential. First and foremost, goalie skates do not come sharpened out of the box. They must be sharpened before you take the ice. We can sharpen your skates before they ship upon request. Second, what hallow should you get your skates sharpened at? This is more difficult because you need to take several things into account: goalie weight, ice conditions, style of play, age & experience. All of these factors can be a deciding factor when getting your skates sharpened but we are going to focus on the hybrid and coverage playing styles . As a rule of thumb, we say the hybrid goalie likes a sharpness between a 1/2 and 5/8 inch hallow. This gives the goalie the best of both worlds; side bite for t-pushes and butterfly slides and also the freedom for movement in the shuffle as well. The hybrid goalie is looking for a little of everything and the 1/2 to 5/8 hallow gives them this. For the coverage “butterfly” style goalie, we recommend loading up on edge and going with a 3/8 hallow. This will give a ton of side bite in the t-push and butterfly slide techniques. It will take away some mobility in the shuffle but generally this goalies uses that technique very little. More edge equals more power, if you have more side bite you can generate more power, it is simple physics.

Warranty Information

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