Bauer Supreme Shadow Pro Goalie Blocker


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Bauer Supreme Shadow Pro Goalie Blocker

Building off the extremely successful Supreme Mach pro blocker, the Supreme Shadow will use the new SL1D3R 2.0 skin technology.  This is a one-piece thermoformed skin that is lightweight and extremely durable.

The palm of the Supreme Shadow blocker will use the 14.5 Connekt+ palm with DCT foam in the finger protection This equates to more stick control, better feel and better overall performance.  With stick handling being a must for goalies in today’s game, the blocker palm is vital to stick handling success.

The profile of the Shadow blocker is thinner than previous Supreme blockers with a Curv Composite blocker board that generates extremely active rebounds off the face of the blocker.

The cuff opening on the Supreme Shadow blocker has a redesigned the Range of Motion (ROM) design which has an asymmetrical design that allows for maximum wrist mobility.  Again, with stick handing at a premium in the new age of goaltending, every little detail becomes vital to a goalie’s success.  With the mobility the Shadow blocker provides, we feel this gives a goalie their best chance for success in both save techniques and stick handling techniques.

The Bauer Supreme Mach is a pro level blocker.  Recommended for 5 to 7 uses per week.

Bauer Supreme Shadow Pro Goalie Blocker Options:

  • Palm Size: Senior Stock
  • Sizing:
    • Regular = Blocker Goes On Right Hand
    • Full Right = Blocker Goes On Left Hand
  • Custom Pro Vs. Custom:
    • Bauer offers two levels of customization – Custom Pro & Custom
    • Custom = Colors and can changed and embroidery can be added – No changes to stock construction of the blocker (No additional fee for custom)
    • Custom Pro = Colors and internal options can be changed