Bauer Supreme Shadow Pro Goalie Leg Pads


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Bauer Supreme Shadow Pro Goalie Leg Pads

The Bauer Supreme is considered the “butterfly” style pad in the Bauer line.  The Bauer Supreme Shadow pad is different in many ways from previous Supreme pads.  The Supreme line has always been a very stiff leg pad, probably one of the stiffest on the market.  The new Vapor Shadow stock version will be a mid-stiffness pad.  There is still the option to custom order the Mack core but from a stock perspective, the Shadow will be softer than previous Supreme goalie pads.  The Shado stock will still be stiffer than the Vapor series, but not so stiff that a normal joe goalie can’t use them.  The overall profile of the pad will be the same as the Mach pads, we consider the to be an “L” Shaped pads (versus a Vapor which is an “S” Shaped pad).

A new outer skin will continue to use the SL1D3R skin. This has been shown to have great slideability and also has better long-term durability.  Bauer will continue to use the Stabilislide knee block system on the Shadow goalie pads.  This one-piece knee block that is integrated into the sliding edge of the leg pad is considered to be the best knee block system among many in the goalie community. The Slabilislide knee block has been proven to provide greater stability to the goalie in the butterfly position and also moving laterally in the butterfly slide techniques and also provides a better overall seal to the ice surface.  The stock knee wing on the Supreme Mach is removable, so if the goalie prefers the knee strapping to be angled versus behind the knee – this flap can be easily removed.  There are four variations of the knee wing that can be custom ordered.

Bauer has also redesigned the Calf Pillow system and added a Stabili-Calf on the Supreme Shadow for 2024.  The leg channel is now wider than previous generations and the new Stabili-Calf and Calf Pillow provide better support and more control for a goalie when they are in their various butterfly techniques.

The strapping system on the Bauer Supreme Mach leg pads features the Tune Fit+ system.  The Tune Fit+ is an elastic and Velcro strapping system that allows the goalie to customize the fit of the pad in a matter of seconds.

Bauer will continue with the popular 120-degree soft boot flex on the Bauer Shadow Mach leg pads.

In the toe area, Bauer introduces a new Pro Elastic Toe Tie.  This new toe tie system allows for greater adjustability in the bungee cord system without having to take the entire toe tie system apart.  There are four settings on the toe bridge that a goalie can choose from to set the toe ties to the exact location of their choice.

Bauer leg pads do run smaller than Vaughn and CCM.  So, if you are a 34+ in a Vaughn or a CCM, more than likely you will be a 35+ in a Bauer.  Please reference our goalie sizing guide for proper sizing instructions.

Bauer Supreme Shadow Pro Options:

  • Thigh Flex: Mid (Stock Shadow)
  • Knee Block Construction: Stabilislde (Stock Supreme) 
  • Boot Flex: Supreme 120 (Soft)
  • Calf Bracket: Shadow Stock
  • Knee Wing Options: Adjustable
  • Tune Fit Connect – Professor Strap: Stock Supreme
  • Boot Strap: None
  • Toe System: Pro Elastic
  • Sizing:
    • X-Small = 32+
    • Small = 33+
    • Medium = 34+
    • Large = 35+
    • XL = 36+
    • XXL = 37+
  • Custom Pro Vs. Custom on Bauer Customizer:
    • Bauer offers two levels of customization – Custom Pro & Custom
    • Custom = Colors and can changed and embroidery can be added – No changes to internals of the pad (No additional fee for custom)
    • Custom Pro = Colors and internal options can be change ($ 50.00 additional fee for Custom Pro)