Bauer Vapor 1X Pro Senior Goalie Catch Glove

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Bauer Vapor 1X Pro Senior Goalie Glove

The Vapor 1X Goalie Glove features many of the preferences of majority of goalies. The one-piece cuff works with the butterfly style, while the re-engineered 60-degree break angle provides excellent mobility and comfort. As with Bauer’s earlier Catch Glove, the Reactor 9000, the Bauer Vapor 1X also offers a 60-degree break angle. For 2017, Bauer redesigned the closure to surround the puck, rather than just fold on it. The “crease” along the break angle works with the hand to “pocket” the puck, allowing the fingers to close the glove. In addition, the improved palm allows for more padding to protect from injury.The Bauer Vapor 1X Pro Senior Goalie Glove also received a pocket upgrade. Bauer took the traditional Double-T design and anchored the catching area in two places. The result of the new design provides a softer catch and keeps the puck in the pocket. It also allows for more flexibility and eases the closing of the glove on the puck. To meet the performance of a “game ready” palm without risk to the hand, the Bauer Vapor 1X Pro Senior Goalie Glove includes Curv® composite into the palm. For top-quality protection, Bauer uses its Curv® composite throughout its elite player and goalie equipment. Translation: “Break In” no longer requires noticeable “Break Down.” Bauer also further reinforces the 1x Palm with Bauer’s XRD® foam. Bauer uses its 37.5 Technology Transfer Mesh to line the interior of the Bauer Vapor 1X Pro Senior Goalie Glove. This design adds extra wicking properties, keeping the glove relatively dry during use. The Vapor 1X line features digitally printed graphics. Combined with a poly-urethane exterior, the use of digitally printed graphics helps to reduce weight.

Ice hockey goalies can’t expect to reach their full potential on the ice if they’re wearing the wrong equipment. In such situations, a goalie spends more time thinking about their lack of comfort than they do focusing on the puck and the other players on the ice.  The Bauer Vapor 1X Pro Senior Goalie Glove is one the finest on the market.  Delivering the mobility and comfort necessary to excel on the ice, players of all skill levels may very well take their game to the next level with it.  If you’re looking to buy Bauer goalie gear online, look no further than Goalies Plus.