Bauer Vapor 3x Intermediate Goalie Blocker – Special Edition

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Bauer Vapor 3x Intermediate Goalie Blocker – Special Edition

Goalies Plus has done it again with our Special Edition version of the Bauer Vapor 3x lines. We will be offering five unique color ways exclusive to Goalies Plus!

Building off the extremely successful Vapor 2x blocker, the Vapor 3x is very similar to the Vapor 2x intermediate blocker.  The Vapor 3x blocker utilizes a high density HD foam face with CURV Composite.  This helps create an explosive rebound off the board when a goalie is making a blocker save.

The palm of the Vapor 3x blocker will have a new look for 2021.  The 14.5 Connekt Palm material will give the goalie an extra grip and feel not seen in previous generations of Vapor blockers.  This equates to more stick control, better feel and better overall performance.  With stick handling being a must for goalies in today’s game, the blocker palm is vital to stick handling success.

The finger protection of the Vapor 3x blocker is fully adjustable.  The sidewall of the this blocker will come stock with a thump pillow for added support and protection to the inside of the hand and thumb area.

The cuff opening on the 3x blocker has an asymmetrical design which allows for maximum wrist mobility.  Again with stick handing at a premium in the new age of goaltending, every little detail becomes vital to a goalies success.  With the mobility the 3x blocker provides, we feel this gives a goalie their best chance for success in both save techniques and stick handling techniques.

The Bauer Vapor 3x is a high level blocker.  Recommended for A thru AAA travel level goalies.

Bauer Vapor 3x Intermediate Goalie Blocker Features:

  • Model Year: 2021
  • Special Edition: Five unique colors exclusive to Goalies Plus
  • Blocker Board: HD Foam With CURV Composite
  • Thumb Protection: Thumb Pillow Comes Stock
  • Palm Material: 14.5 Connekt Palm
  • Finger Protection: Adjustable Finger Protection
  • Cuff: Asymmetrical Aerolite
  • Liner: Connekt Grip
  • Sizing:
    • Regular = Blocker Goes On Right Hand
    • Full Right = Blocker Goes On Left Hand