Brians Alite Senior Goalie Blocker

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The Brian’s Alite Senior Goalie Blocker is a high mid-level blocker.
Recommended 3 to 5 uses per week.

Brians Alite Senior Goalie Blocker

Now available at Goalies Plus is the Brian’s Alite Senior Goalie Blocker.  Based on the very popular Brian’s Heritage Series, the Alite series provides our customers a more price friendly version with similar specs.  The Alite series uses the traditional Brian’s logo and star graphic with a traditional binding around the perimeter of the blocker.  This blocker also has a very flexible palm design that allows for plenty of hand movement while holding the stick.  Many blockers are so over padded that you cannot move the stick or the hand while playing.  Brian’s did a great good of combining protection and flexibility in the Alite Blocker.  The Alite blocker also uses a reinforced palm that helps add durability of this product.

Brian’s Alite Senior Goalie Blocker Features

  • Designed off Heritage Pro Model
  • Binding on face
  • Bindingless side wall
  • New Finger attachments to model pro model
  • 3 piece accordion finger protection

Buying a Pro Blocker Vs. Mid Level Blocker

As we compare differences in gear levels, we explain whether you need to spend a little more or where you can save a few dollars.  A pro blocker is built with the highest level of material and developed with the utmost care in construction.  The palm is the one area that you generally see wear issues with a blocker.  For any goalies that use a lot of tape, particularly where the goalie holds the stick in their ready position, they are likely to see a lot of palm issues.  In contrast, goalies that do not use tape in this location do not see significant palm issues.

In addition, the materials used in the pro palm prevent premature wear in the binding area.  There are no added safety concerns between a pro level blocker and a high mid-level blocker.  If you need to spend your money wisely, the blocker is where we recommended going down a level to do so.  Even with a little extra wear, the price of a high mid-level blocker is almost half of a pro level blocker.