Brians Alite Senior Goalie Catch Glove

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The Brian’s Alite Senior Goalie Catch Glove is a high mid-level glove. Recommended 3 to 5 uses per week.

Brian’s Alite Senior Goalie Catch Glove

The Brian’s Alite catch glove is now available at Goalies Plus.  Based off the Heritage series glove design, the Brian’s Alite provides the customer with a traditional feel at a mid level price point.  Brian’s has always done a great job of making their mid-level catch gloves protect and feel like the pro custom gloves.  The protection in the palm has a pro feel and has added protection that is not normally seen at this price level.  Brian’s has gone with their trademark Thief double t pocket, distinguishable by the embroidered eyes on the outer t of the pocket. Brian’s uses the No Slip Grip material on the wrist and palm area of the glove.  This helps the goalie get extra grip with the fingers when squeezing the glove or while stick handling.  One non-traditional feature of this glove is the one piece design of the cuff.  Most gloves today are a one piece design which does help with the long term durability of the glove.

Brian’s Alite Goalie Catch Glove Features

  • Designed off Heritage pro Model
  • 35° break angle
  • Embroidered Eyes
  • Double T
  • True One Piece Cuff

Senior Level Gloves Vs. Pro Level Gloves

Catch gloves are the one items that we generally recommend spending a little more money on (out of pads, blockers & gloves). The main differences you will see in a senior catch glove vs. a pro catch glove are the synthetic leathers and more importantly the felt used to protect the hand. It is the felt that makes a glove protective and function properly. If the felt does not crease properly, the glove will not open and close properly. If the felt is too thin, the goalie will feel stingers in the palm. In the past mid-level gloves were pretty bad with felt issues. However in the past two to three years, the high mid-level gloves are being made much, much better. The lower mid-level gloves still can have stinger issues, so if you are concerned at all with stingers – we recommend going with a higher mid-level glove or a pro level glove. The pro level gloves are built with pro felt which enables proper closure angle and creasing for break in. They also come in different padding options – games ready (most common) and practice palm. A practice palm is essentially so stiff that you cannot open or close the glove however the felt is so thick that you will probably never get a stinger. Most high level goalies only use a practice palm in practice situations just to prevent injury. For games they generally use a game ready palm.