Brians G-Netik Pro IV Senior Goalie Catch Glove

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Brians G-Netik Pro IV Senior Goalie Glove

The new Brians G-Netik Pro IV Senior Goalie Glove features a double-T pocket with maximum depth allowed! Utilizing Brian’s BOA dials gives the ultimate custom fit on the back of the hand and across the wrist, whether you like it tight or loose, it’s completely your choice. Brian’s also uses their Digitech material across the front of the hand to prevent your hand from slipping during play and Hex-Air lined technology to provide the ideal “locked in” feeling for your hand. If you’re an high level goalie looking for elite level protection and gear, the Brians G-Netik Pro IV Goalie Glove with the one piece cuff and large Double T is an excellent choice for you.

Brians G-Netik Pro IV Senior Goalie Glove Features

  • BOA System: A dial that allows for customized tension on the hand and wrist for a consistent feel
  • Hex-Air for increased comfort and air-flow in the wrist pad
  • E-Foam technology is a lightweight and durable foam
  • Re-designed closure and game-ready palm
  • Double T
  • 35 degree break angle
  • True 1 piece cuff