Brians G-Netik Pro IV Senior Goalie Leg Pads

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Brians G-Netik Pro IV Senior Goalie Leg Pads

The new Brians G-Netik Pro IV goalie leg pads are designed for a high level goalie that wants a elite level quality out of their gear. Building off the success of the Brians Optik pad, the G-Netik Pro IV leg pads utilize the OptiSlide inner edge which is layered with Brian’s Primo material, known for it’s durability, strength and super-fast sliding surface. Not only is their Primo material found underneath, but you’ll find it on the top edge, inner thigh rise, boot strap pocket and lower calf wrap. The G-Netik IV leg pads also has an outer roll that is beveled towards the inside to provide more blocking surface on the face of the pad. Inside the G-Netik IV leg pads is Brian’s Torsion Flex technology which allows the bad to twist and bend to follow the natural movements of today’s goaltender. Combining the Torsion Flex technology with their Primo material, you’re going to notice a strong, natural seal to the ice which prevents the puck from leaking through. In the knee’s, Brians added internal knee rolls to allow the pad to flex and curl back to help close the five hole naturally. Lastly, the boot features Brian’s new Smart cord in the toe, which is made of an elastic shock cord and provides better durability and a more responsive pad. The boot section is completed with the Smart boot strapping system made of high-end nylon designed for the ultimate durability!

Brians G-Netik Pro IV Senior Goalie Leg Pad Features

  • Primo: Brian’s material known for durability, strength and smooth sliding surface
  • Binding-less design for less drag when sliding (and better against 3rd period ice)
  • Firmer foam designed with higher density to create a firmer sliding surface
  • Laced-in knee block to create a more solid connection point for the knee stack
  • Torsion flex technology
  • Internal knee rolls
  • Smart cord toe
  • Smart boot strapping
  • Smart calf strapping
  • 84 degree toe taper