Brian’s G-Netik X Senior Goalie Leg Pads

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Brian’s G-Netik X Senior Goalie Leg Pads

New for 2020 is the Brian’s G-Netik X series.  The G-Netik X is a mid-level offering that provides a very good pad without the pro custom price tag.  Brian’s offers two mid-level series – Optik 9.0 and the G-Netik X.  The G-Netik X is built for the hybrid style goalie who likes more flexibility – vertical and lateral flex in their pads.  The Optik 9.0 is a stiffer style pad built more for the blocking or “butterfly” style goalie.

The G-Netik X incorporates a lot of the same features as the pro custom pad.  The inside edge is lined with primo slide which gives the goalie a much faster butterfly slide side to side – especially on bad ice conditions. The face of the pad is flat faced for consistent and predictable rebounds off the pad.  The core has an internal knee roll design which gives the pad lateral (twisting) flex that hybrid goalie need for increased movement.  Brian’s also used a high quality Har-Suede in the knee cradle for a soft and comfortable feel.  The G-Netik X uses a soft boot construction which is also very important for a hybrid goalies movement.  The soft boot also makes recovery from the butterfly position much easier then a stiff boot.  A new bungee cord toe strap system has been added to this model.  In years past, Brian’s used an elastic strap style toe tie which functionally did a great job but many goalies found it to be too large and became worn out very quickly.  The new style bungee cord system will allow for the same consistent tension and performance but will much more durable in the long run.

Brian’s G-Netik X Senior Goalie Leg Pads Features:

  • Model Year: 2020
  • Primo Slide: Inner edge lined with Primo Slide for increased side to side movement
  • Flexible Core: Flat faced, flexible core with modified internal knee roll design. Soft boot construction for better rotation and recovery
  • Suede Knee Cradle: Durable Har-Suede knee cradle for a soft and traditional feel
  • IV Calf Wrap Strap: Simple and adjustable wrap strapping system
  • Start Tor Cords: Elastic toe straps that provide consistent tension and greater durability compared to a traditional skate lace toe tie
  • Smart Boot Strap: Fully adjustable boot strap made with high grade nylon
  • Sizing: 33+1in. | 34+1in. 35+1in.