Brians Heritage Senior Goalie Blocker

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Brian’s Heritage Goalie Blocker

Brian’s Custom Sports has done it again. Brian’s proves why they carry the title as The Custom Goal Company. The Heritage lineup consists of throwback designs with modern performance. The Heritage style was “front and center” at the NHL’s Winter Classic. Brian’s stands at the forefront by providing fully modern gear with a classic look that never loses appeal.

Brian’s Heritage Goalie Blocker Features

  • Traditional blocker facing with perimeter binding.
  • Max sized high density side wall protection.

Brian’s offers great consistency in its product line.  The options available in the Heritage brand feature the best performing materials and workmanship.  Don’t miss out on what the Heritage offers.  Classic appeal and modern features never go out of style. The Brian’s Heritage series blocker is handcrafted in Kingsville, Ontario, to the highest of industry standards. The Heritage series combine modern spec’s with the look of Brian’s older equipment. The Heritage blocker features the same design as the G-NETik 3 blocker.  Both Blockers consist of the same rigid sidewall and wide-open cuff for a great range of motion. Different from the G-NETik 3 blocker, the Heritage blocker offers an offset blocker position which moves the palm up 1” from centre.  A bound blocker face and the traditional Brian’s graphic give the Heritage series blocker a true taste of the glory days.