Brians Heritage Senior Goalie Leg Pads

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Brians Heritage Goalie Leg Pads

The Brian’s Heritage leg pads offer the highest craftsmanship. The Heritage series features the modern designs of Brian’s more recent equipment with the look of their older equipment. Borrowing from the original G-NETik pad and the newest G-NETik 3, Heritage pads represent the elite. The overall construction of the Heritage pad resembles the original G-NETik pad. A soft pad with a stiff face, this provides a traditional feel with modern day rebound control. The thicker, solid knee stack and the landing gear match the G-NETik 3. The pads feature Brian’s conventional aesthetics. Traditional knee rolls, leather strapping, and the original Air-Pac graphic give the Heritage series pads a true taste of the glory days. The extensive use of Nash in the knee cradle and leg channel provide a softer, traditional feel. No Smart Strap Technology is used on the Heritage series leg pads.

Brians Heritage Goalie Leg Pads Features

  • Traditional leather shin, knee, and boot strapping.
  • New engineered foam core features a thinned out design and recreated to be more flexible and lightweight. This style caters to the hybrid or traditional goaltender giving softest feel in a Brian’s pad in last decade.
  • Traditional, rounded style knee rolls and knee bars.
  • SBA synthetic suede like material through the knee cradle and leg channel for softer, traditional feel.
  • Authentic Brian’s vintage script logos, branding, and graphics.
  • Proudly built in Kingsville, Ontario using superior materials and parts.