Brian’s Iconik Pro Senior Goalie Leg Pads


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Brian’s Iconik Pro Senior Goalie Leg Pads

The new Brians Iconik goalie leg pads are designed for a high-level goalie that wants an elite level quality out of their gear. The Iconik goalie leg pads will continue to utilize the Opti-Slide inner edge that has been extremely popular on previous generations of Brian’s pro leg pads. The Opti-Slide edge is layered with Brian’s Primo material, known for its durability and super-fast sliding surface.

We have been especially pleased with the new Brian’s offering as it addresses some issues of past pro models.  The Iconik can come in a regular or stiff flex option.  As for stiff, it seems like every manufacture has a stiff option, so the stiff version is pretty straight forward.  What we really liked was the regular flex option.  This seems to be the only alternative to the Vaughn Velocity or CCM Eflex for a goalie looking for a softer feeling pad that has flexibility.  We would even go as far to say as it may even be a slight bit softer than those other two options.  Other manufactures have “hybrid” style pads, however they are very stiff for a goalie that truly wants a hybrid pad.  We felt Brian’s did an excellent job of creating a pad in the Iconik that fits this much needed segment of the industry.

The Iconik pad also has new features for Brian’s in 2023.  A new core on the Iconik pad decreases the weight 20% versus older Brian’s pro leg pads.  The new core and face of the new Iconik pad also creates a more active rebound versus previous generations.  The profile of this pad is also thinner, particularly compared the G-netik series,

Also new for 2023 is a new one-piece knee block system on the Iconik lag pads.  The one-piece knee block which is integrated into the ore of the pad has become very popular among all the brands.  This is because it creates more control and balance for the goalie when in the butterfly and/or utilizing different butterfly slide techniques. The interior of the knee area also used a new SBA material.  This material is extremely comfortable which creating quick rotation of the pad when entering and exiting the butterfly positions.

Lastly, the boot features Brian’s Smart cord in the toe, which is made of an elastic shock cord and provides better durability and a more responsive pad. The boot section is completed with the Smart boot strapping system made of high-end nylon designed for the ultimate durability!

Brians Iconik Pro Goalie Leg Pad Features:

  • Model Year: 2023
  • Pad Face: Flat & lace less
  • Outer Roll: Squared
  • Toe Taper: 87 Degrees
  • Sliding Edge: Primo (Opti-Slide)
  • Calf Wrap – Iconik Calf Wrap
  • Knee Strapping: Dual knee strapping
  • Knee Flap: Removable
  • Toe Strapping: Smart cord
  • Boot Strapping: No Boot Strap
  • Customizable
  • Hand made in Canada

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