Brian’s Optik 2 Pro Senior Goalie Equipment Combo

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Brian’s Optik 2 Pro Senior Goalie Equipment Combo

Brian’s Optik 2 Pro Senior Goalie Leg Pads

The new Brians Optik 2 Pro goalie leg pads are designed for a high level goalie that wants a elite level quality out of their gear. Building off the success of the Brians Optik pad, the Optik 2 leg pads utilize the OptiSlide inner edge which is layered with Brian’s Primo material.  Known for it’s durability, strength and super-fast sliding surface – the Primo material is now the industry standard. Not only is their Primo material found underneath, but you’ll find it on the top edge, inner thigh rise, boot strap pocket and lower calf wrap.

Some new features for the 2019 Brian’s Optik 2 goalie leg pads are a new option on the core.  The Max Core is now available for a goalie who like the pre-mold shape of the Flex Core but wants the stiffness of the FLY Core.  This allows a goalie that may have a more narrow butterfly the opportunity to have a stiffer pad.  Each core comes with a flexible boot which has become the industry norm since is allows for easier recovery regardless of the goalies style.

Another new feature of the Optik 2 leg pads is the bungee toe tie system.  Gone is the big, clunky elastic starts that Brian’s used in the past.  This style tow tie allows for maximum flexibility and attach angle while the goalie is in their butterfly techniques.

Brian’s has also added an optional calf strap or control strap to the top of the calf section of the inner pad.  This strap helps keep the pad firm on the goalies leg without sacrificing any rotation of the pad when going into the butterfly position.  With almost every company going to an elastic strapping system, the control straps are becoming more and more popular.

Brian’s Optik 2 Pro Goalie Leg Pads Features:

  • Model Year: 2019
  • Flex Core: Designed for the goalie who wants more flexibility throughout the entire pad.
  • Fly Core: This is geared toward the coverage or butterfly goalie with a softer boot and stiffer from the knee area up.
  • Max Core: Redesigned core provides the stiffest Optik core option above the knee to ensure rigidity while offering a flexible boot.
  • Laced In Knee Block: Reduces drag by creating a more solid connection point for the knee stack.
  • Primo: Brian’s popular material known for it’s durability and strong, smooth and fast sliding surface.
  • Streamlined Outer Roll: Reducing the overall size of the outer roll not only provides weight savings, but allows for greater visibility while tracking the puck in-close.
  • Pro 2 Knee Guard System: Compatible with the Pro 2 Knee Guard which can be attached to the pad or worn independently.
  • E-Foam Technology: Lightweight foam used throughout the entire Brian’s domestic pro products.
  • Binding-Less Inside Gusset: Creates less drag when sliding side to side in the butterfly technique, especially on bad ice or late third period ice.
  • Smart Boot: Made with a high grade nylon commonly used in seat belts.  The boot strap is fully adjustable allowing the goalie to find their preferred set up without fear of stretching or breakage that is common on traditional leather straps.
  • Smart Cord: New style bungee cord toe tie system replaces the old thick elastic straps used on the first generation Otpik pads.
  • Optik 2 Wrap: Streamlined strapping provides a lightweight and consistent tightness across the calf.
  • Calf Strap (Control Strap): An optional upper calf strap provides an anchor point to the pad without restricting movement.

Brian’s Optik 2 Pro Goalie Catch Glove 

New for 2019 is the Brian’s Optik 2 pro goalie catch glove. This glove maximizes the 45 inch perimeter rule and has a gigantic catching pocket.  The break of the glove has a 40 degree closure which is a change for the first generation Optik which was a 35 degree closure.  Along with the break design, internally this glove uses the Hex-air material.  This allows the goalie to gain more control with their fingers and palm while squeezing the glove.  The BOA system is also back on the Optik 2 glove in the wrist area with and addition BOA system in the backhand area.  The BOA system is a locking mechanism that allows the goalie to get wrist strap tighter then ever before.  Where a traditional wrist strap would normally be, there will be a dial looking device on the Optik 2 catch glove.  You simply turn this dial until the goalie reaches the desired tension.  To release the boa system, you simply pull up on the dial and the pressure will release. Combining the Hex-air internally and the BOA system externally in the wrist and backhand areas, the Optik 2 catch glove can be customized to fit each individual goalie.

Brian’s also did a great job of designing the glove to cover pucks along the ice with minimal gaps.  Many gloves create big gaps when trying to seal glove to the ice while covering the puck.  This allows the puck to move out of the glove and create dangerous and unnecessary scoring chances.  Brian’s built this glove in a way that eliminates these gaps and keeps the puck covered.

Brian’s Optik Pro 2 Catch Glove Features:

  • Model Year: 2019
  • Made in Canada
  • BOA System: Places two individual BOA dials allows for the tension level on the hand and wrist to be customized to each individual goalie.
  • Backhand: BOA system keeps the hand secure over the break of the glove.
  • Wrist: BOA system secures the wrist pad to the desired tension of the goalie. The floating wrist pad ensures movement and flex in the wrist area.  The wrist are also uses the Hex-Air material.
  • Singe T: Stock gloves common standard with a single T pocket. Double T pocket can be custom ordered.
  • Break Angle: 40 Degree
  • Cuff Design: One piece cuff
  • Thumb Strap: Elastic thumb strap works with the backhand to create a superior snap closure.
  • Palm: Hex-air material

Brian’s Optik 2 Pro Goalie Blocker

New for 2019 is the Brian’s Optik 2 Pro goalie blocker. The Brians Optik 2 Goalie Blocker features a large high density blocking board with a beveled nose which helps a goalies main stance and provide better seal to the ice when paddle down. Some new features for the Optik 2 is a firmer blocker face to help with quicker and harder rebounds coming off the blocker.  Also new for 2019 on the Optik 2 blocker is an internal lace sidewall which makes the Optik 2 more streamlined compared to the first generation blocker. The finger area of the Optik 2 is now adjustable so a goalie can change the tension and placement of the finger padding area to their specific needs.  The palm of the Brians Optik 2 blocker continues to use the Digitech material which helps grip the stick and prevent slipping during play.  In the wrist strap area, Brian’s will also to continue using the BOA dial system to customized the tension and tightness.  With the BOA system, simply turn this dial until the goalie reaches the desired tension.  To release the boa system, you simply pull up on the dial and the pressure will release.

Brian’s Optik 2 Pro Goalie Blocker Features:

  • Model Year: 2019
  • BOA System: A dial that allows for customized tension for a consistent feel
  • Beveled nose
  • Digitech palm material
  • Firmer blocker face
  • Adjustable finger padding
  • Neutral hand positioning
  • E-Foam lightweight technology
  • Internal lace sidewall
  • Regular Hand = Blocker goes on the right hand
  • Full Right = Blocker goes on the left hand