Brians Optik 9.0 Senior Goalie Pads

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Brians Optik 9.0 Senior Goalie Pads

The new Brians Optik 9.0 goalie pad line offers a completely lace-less pad with a smooth flat faced design. Utilizing the original smart strap system, you will find a single attachment across the calf and a 2” strap behind the knee. Made with high-grade nylon commonly used for seat belts, the boot strap is fully adjustable allowing the goaltender to find their preferred set up without fear of stretching or breakage seen with traditional leather boot straps. Elastic toe straps provide consistent tension and greater durability than the traditional skate lace. Modeled off the FLX Core construction for greater flexibility. Compatible with PRO 2 Knee Pad. Knee pad can be worn attached or independent. Knee Pads Sold Separately. Allows for open or closed knee cradle options.

Brians Optik 9.0 Senior Goalie Pad Features

  • Lace-less, flat faced design
  • Smart strap system across the calf and 2″ behind the knee
  • High-grade nylon boot strap
  • Elastic toe straps with consistent tension
  • Modeled on the FLX core for increased flexibility
  • PRO 2 knee pad compatible