Brians Optik Pro Senior Goalie Catch Glove

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The Brian’s Optik Pro Goalie Catch Glove is a pro level glove. Recommended 5 to 7 uses per week.

Brian’s Optik Pro Goalie Catch Glove 

The team at Brian’s is always searching for the newest and most innovative designs in the goalie industry.  The new Optik Catch Glove is based on popular specs designs requested by NHL and NCAA goalies.  This glove is a hybrid combination of the Sub-Zero 3 catch glove and the G-Netik 3 catch glove.  This glove maximizes the 45 inch perimeter rule and has a gigantic catching pocket.  The break of the glove has a 35 degree closure.  Along with the break design, internally this glove uses the sure grip material.  This allows the goalie to gain more control with their fingers and palm while squeezing the glove.  Brian’s also did a great job of designing the glove to cover pucks along the ice with minimal gaps.  Many gloves create big gaps when trying to seal glove to the ice while covering the puck.  This allows the puck to move out of the glove and create dangerous and unnecessary scoring chances.  Brian’s built this glove in a way that eliminates these gaps and keeps the puck covered.

The last and most revolutionary aspect of the Optik catch glove is the boa system around the wrist.  Boa is a locking mechanism that allows the goalie to get wrist strap tighter then ever before.  Where a traditional wrist strap would normally be, there will be a dial looking device on the Optik glove.  You simply turn this dial until the goalie reaches the desired closure.  To release the boa system, you simply pull up on the dial and the pressure will release.  For goalies that like a tight wrist strap, this device is second to none.

Brian’s Optik Pro Catch Glove Features:

  • Made in Canada
  • New one-piece cuff and thumb design
  • 35 Degree break angle
  • HD Foam finger plate
  • Reinforced Primo synthetic on heavy wear areas
  • X-Static finger gussets
  • “No Slip Grip” SBA internal palm and wrist pad
  • Nash interior catch surface
  • Hex-Air Wrist Pad