Brian’s Optik X2 Intermediate Goalie Leg Pads

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Brian’s Optik X2 Intermediate Goalie Leg Pads

The new Brian’s Optik X2 Pro goalie leg pads are designed for a high level (generally teenage) goalie looking for top level performance. The Brian’s X2 are made for youth goalies playing A thru AAA travel levels .  Based on the very popular Brian’s Optik 2 graphic, the X2 provides a pro level look at intermediate sizing.

The Brian’s X2 core provides a break above and below the knee which is great for a goalie that needs more flex vertically and laterally in the pad.  The Optik X2 is a very good pad for a hybrid style goalie because of this flex design. A pre-molded s-shape allows the Optik X2 to seal the five hole for goalies that have narrower and medium width butterfly coverage.  Generally younger goalies need more flexability in their pads since they are smaller therefore making everything more compacted compared to a taller adult goalie.  The more compacted a goalie gets, the harder it gets to move.  Therefore a pad with more flexibility is needed at these younger ages.

On the inside of the pad, Brian’s uses the very popular primo material on the inner edges.  The primo inner edge provides improved slidability and makes lateral movements while in the various butterfly techniques much easier with less effort.  The inner binding on the X2 has also been recessed to reduce friction.

Another feature of the Optik X2 leg pads is the Smart Cord bungee toe tie system.  Gone is the big, clunky elastic straps that Brian’s used in the past.  This style (cord) tow tie allows for maximum flexibility and attach angle while the goalie is in their butterfly techniques.  The cord can be adjusted to any skate size.

The X2 has a slightly wider then average leg channel.  The leg channel can be custom fitted with adjustable elastic straps in the knee and calf areas.  The foot scoop of the Brian’s X2 leg pads utilizes a softer boot which allows goalies a great range of motion while in recovery movements and general skating movements.  This added range of motion has become extremely popular over the past few years.  The Optik X2 comes with a Smart Boot strap under the heel.  This nylon webbing design is very user friendly with a velcro design that allows the goalies to secure and take off in seconds.

We feel that the new Brian’s Optik X2 goalie pad is a big step in the right direction for Brian’s in the intermediate level.  The Optik X2 is much lighter then past Brian’s intermediate pads and seems to have a much better overall fit compared to past intermediate pads from Brian’s.


Brian’s Optik X2 Goalie Leg Pads Features:

  • Model Year: 2022
  • Pad Face: Flat / Laceless
  • Outer Roll: Streamlined
  • Toe Taper: 80 Degree
  • Sliding Edge: Primo
  • Calf Strapping: Optik 2 Style Calf Wrap
  • Knee Strapping: Dual Option Knee Strap
  • Knee Flare: Removable
  • Smart Boot: Made with a high grade nylon commonly used in seat belts.  The boot strap is fully adjustable allowing the goalie to find their preferred set up without fear of stretching or breakage that is common on traditional leather straps.
  • Smart Cord: New style bungee cord toe tie system replaces the old thick elastic straps used on the first generation Optik pads