CCM 1.5 Junior Goalie Pant

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CCM 1.5 Junior Goalie Pant

Moving forward in 2022 and beyond, CCM will no long have an Axis or Extreme Flex junior goalie pant.  The junior goalie pant will be labeled 1.5. with no Axis or Extreme Flex added to the description.  This is basically because the Axis and Extreme Flex junior pants are identical, therefore there is no reason to push the pant into a certain criterion (butterfly or blocking style).

The CCM junior goalie pant has been one of the best-selling junior goalie pants for the past few years.  Here are a few features we would like to point out to a parent looking to buy a pair of junior goalie pants.  First the adjustable length (length extension) is a huge selling feature.  The pant has a hidden zipper around the waistline and when it is unzipped, the pant drops an extra inch.  This basically gives you a two size for one feature in the pant. As the goalie grows, simply unzip the waist and the pant is now longer.  Another great selling feature is the internal belt.  Many young goalies have not used suspenders (even though we still believe it is a good idea to have them) and the internal belt helps the pant fit big and take up coverage area and still keep it on the goalie’s waist without falling down. If you are a parent looking for a great junior goalie pant with a lot of adjustment for a growing child, the CCM 1.5 is a great choice.

CCM 1.5 Junior Goalie Pants Features:

  • Model Year: 2022
  • Upper Thigh & Groin: Flexmotion design with segmented PE foam
  • Waist & Kidney: Contoured fit with molded PE foam at waist
  • Length Extension: Hidden zipper with +1″ length extension
  • Thigh Protection: Molded plastic with PE foam.
  • Hip & Groin Protection: Molded plastic with PE foam/segmented foam.
  • Spine: PE foam protection.
  • Material: 400D nylon with stretch zones.
  • Belt: Adjustable inner belt system

CCM 1.5 Junior Goalie Pants Sizing

  • Small: Waist 22″-24″
  • Medium: Waist 23″-25″
  • Large: Waist 24″-27″