CCM 1.9 Senior Certified Straight Bar Goalie Mask

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CCM 1.9 Senior Certified Straight Bar Goalie Mask

Composite shell for mid/high level goalie looking for pro-inspired design and protection.

The CCM 1.9 Senior Certified Straight Bar Goalie Mask offers high-end protection and comfort at a more affordable price. It features a certified straight bar cage for maximum protection without sacrificing visibility. The liner debuts I.Q.SHION foam with the triple-density VN liner to provide a game-ready feel right out of the box. The shell utilizes a glass fiber construction that helps to reduce weight without compromising the protection level. The very popular pro shell shape allows the face to sit deeper inside, thus improving a visibility and range of vision.

The CCM 1.9 goalie mask is a composite shell which provides a better level of protection compared to a polycarbonate (plastic shell).  We strongly recommend a composite shell for travel level goalies – Pee Wee and up.

CCM 1.9 Senior Certified Straight Bar Goalie Mask Features

  • Fiberglass base shell
  • HECC & CSA Certified
  • Triple density VN liner
  • I.Q.Shion foam
  • Velcro chin cup slider
  • Small Size: 21.25in. to 22.50in.
  • Medium Size: 22in. to 23.25in.
  • Large Size: 22.50in. to 24in.