CCM Axis A1.5 Junior Goalie Catch Glove [Special Edition]

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CCM Axis A1.5 Junior Goalie Catch Glove – Special Edition

Now available at Goalies Plus is the CCM Axis A1.5 junior goalie catch glove.  Unlike the Axis pads which are an all together new design, CCM choose to stay with their 590 styled glove.  The Axis Glove is a continuation of the Premier line that has been one of the best selling gloves for almost twenty years.  That is not to say that the Axis glove does not have any new features – because it does,  However the base design is still the classic Premier 590 glove.  Starting with the traditional features, the Axis A1.9 glove keeps its traditional 60 degree break.  This break goes back the mid 2000’s starting with Koho 590 model, then transitioning to the RBK Premier, then on to the Reebok & CCM Premiers and now into the CCM Axis series..  This Axis A1.5 still uses the one piece cuff that has been used for the past four generations of Premier gloves.  The one piece cuff maximizes the surface area of the glove and is perfect for the blocking style or butterfly style goalie.

As for the changes to the new Axis A1.5 junior catch glove, we will take a deeper look into these:

Speedskin: The outer material of the Axis A1.5 glove will use the Speedskin material.  Although the Speedskin is most noticeable on the leg pads because it reduces friction between the pads and the ice, it is also a very durable material,  By using the Speedskin on the Axis catch glove, it helps promote overall durability to the glove.

Palm:  This area of the Axis glove is an upgrade over previous generation CCM 590 break gloves. The felt/foam combination that is used on the Axis A1.5 junior glove makes this glove much easier to open and close off the shelf.

Pocket:  For 2020, CCM has changed from a traditional cord string pocket to a skate lace pocket.  Skate lace pockets are very common on custom orders and now it will come standard on the Axis gloves.  The general opinion on skate lace pockets is that they are softer and therefore help reduce the amount of pop outs or drops while a goalie is in the catching technique.  The Axis glove will still have the Double T with the U shape anchor.  The perimeter of the t-pocket has been stiffened on the new Axis gloves to reduce collapsing at the top of of the pocket.

Internal Strapping:  The Axis internal strapping system will remain the same as previous generations.  Although we have seen other retailers claiming there is a new strap in the Axis backhand, we have not found that to be the case.

Junior Sizing: The perimeter of the Axis A1.5 junior goalie catch glove is 40 inches.

Custom Colors: Goalies Plus will be offering five custom colors in our Special Edition Axis A1.5 series.

CCM Axis A1.5 Junior Goalie Catch Glove Features:

  • Model Year: 2020
  • Cuff/Thumb – One-piece to maximize coverage.
  • Break angle – 590 – closer to the thumb’s break angle.
  • Palm Stiffness – Game-ready fit.
  • Hand Adjustment – Webbing strap through the cuff for a quick easy adjustment.
  • Pocket – Double straight-tee with skate lace.
  • Finger guard – Raised foam finger padding for added protection.
  • Cuff/Thumb composition – Injection molded cuff and thumb.
  • Finger stalls – Nash material for a quick release.
  • Regular – Glove goes on the left hand.
  • Full Right – Glove goes on the right hand.

CCM E-Flex Glove Vs. CCM Axis Glove

CCM has two lines of goalie gear, the E-Flex II and the Axis series. Each line is made for a particular style goalie. The E-Flex line is built for the hybrid style goalie who prefers to use many different save techniques and also likes to have more mobility while playing. The E-Flex glove is built with a deep thumb angle which helps direct the puck into the pocket. This glove also uses a 600 break angle which is a break that comes straight through the middle of the hand. The CCM Axis series is built for the coverage style goalie who plays big and likes to use the butterfly technique as their preferred save technique. This goalie is always trying to maximize space and size and their goalie gear. The Axis catch glove has a shallow thumb angle which creates more surface area. The Axis glove also uses a 590 break angle which is a break that is closer to the goalies fingers. Both gloves use a one piece cuff construction and both gloves use the same materials. Depending on your style and needs will determine which CCM goalie glove is right for you.