CCM Axis A1.9 Senior Chest & Arm Protector

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CCM Axis A1.9 Senior Chest & Arm Protector

Defend your crease with maximum coverage, premium impact protection and greater flexibility with the new Axis A1.9 chest protector. Featuring a completely redesigned construction, it’s engineered to deliver powerful puck deflection for every shot you face.

The new CCM Axis A1.9 Senior Chest Protector is a completely redesigned chest protector for 2020.  The CCM Axis line is the next generation of the Premier series with some great changes for 2020.  The new Axis chest protector took the size and some of the adjustable features of the Premier but added a whole new level of mobility. Now a goalie can enjoy the size benefit of this chest protector but actually be able to move freely – particularly in the in the arm area.  There are many new features of the Axis A1.5 junior chest:

Attachment: The CCM Axis A1.9 chest and arm protector has gone to a full velcro attachment system.  Gone are the standard plastic clips and added are large velcro attachment areas on the side of the ribs. Not only is this very easy but it provides a perfect fit every time the goalie suits up.  The wrist area also added a new attachment system.  Larger neoprene wrist straps replace the standard smaller elastic straps in the wrist area.  This neoprene material allows the the wrist area to be worn tighter and with greater flexibility.

Shoulder Floaters:  The shoulder area of the Axis A1.9 will have a large and square look to it.  This design is preferred by “butterfly” or coverage style goalies.  The new shoulder floater design tapers in a manner that does not interfere with the goalies ability to bring their hands together in front of their body.

Customized Fit: The Axis A1.9 chest and arm protector has many adjustable fit features.  The arm length of this unit can be easily adjusted up and down with a velcro strap at the top of the arm.  The chest & collar height can also be easily adjusted in the back shoulder area.  By moving the velcro tabs (labeled chest height ) up or down on the back of the shoulders, a goalie can easily adjust where the unit will sit on the front of the body.  The shoulder floaters also have and adjustable tab.  This is very important in regards to how the chest protector and goalie mask interact with each other.  Sometimes a goalie mask will get caught on the shoulder floaters when a goalie turns their head, therefore it is a great feature to be able to adjust this area of the chest protector to prevent this issue.

Arm Design:  We feel this is the best upgrade to the new Axis chest and arm protector.  The previous Premier series chest protector had a unique flat design to the front elbow area.  This seemed to be ok for taller goalies but for shorter and younger goalies, they could barely bend their arms.  The new arm design is very similar to the E-Flex design with an independent and segmented elbow area. This greatly improves mobility compared to past units and for a younger goalie.

CCM Axis A1.9 Senior Chest & Arm Protector Features:

  • Model Year: 2020
  • Sternum: Molded HD foam. Impact protection.
  • Shoulder Floaters: Fully segmented square contour with velcro adjustment.
  • Chest Area: Multi-segmented PE foam.
  • Rib Protection: Multi-segmented rib protection with HD foam.
  • Bicep/Forearm Protection: Square design with molded HD foam. Maximized coverage with superior protection.
  • Elbow Protection: Independent adjustable elbow protector.
  • Shoulder Cap: Molded HD foam with square contour.