CCM Axis A2.9 Intermediate Goalie Leg Pads [Special Edition]

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CCM Axis A2.9 Intermediate Goalie Leg Pads – Special Edition 

All new for 2022 is the Axis A2.9 goalie leg pads.  The A2.9 is noticeably different from the original Axis A1.9 in a few key areas.  The first thing we noticed on the Axis A2.9 goalie leg pads was a more pre-molded s-shape in core of the pad.  The original Axis A1.9 was built with an almost straight profile.  This was great for a goalie with a really wide butterfly but not so good for a goalie with a regular or narrow butterfly.  The new pre-mold core along with the Goalies Plus break in the vertical roll really allow goalies with regular and narrow butterflies to use this pad.  A goalie with a wide butterfly will not really notice this however a goalie with a narrow/regular width butterfly will feel a huge difference.

Also new in 2022 is the new Dynamic Response System knee stack.  This knee stack system integrates into the core of the pad which allows for more stability and control and therefore a greater performance benefit to the goalie.  This has been a feature that nearly every NHL goalie has been modifying on their pads and now it is available at the retail level.

Special Edition Single Break: Some customers may be confused by our Special Edition Single Break description.  The Special Edition is our way of giving customers better spec options that are not normally available.  When we initially saw the CCM Axis 2 pads, the stock version has an inner break but not a break on the outer roll.  In our opinion, we feel this stiffens the pad in an unbalanced way and takes away from the natural flex of the pad.  With an inner break and not outer break, the inside half of the pad wants to flex but the outer half of the pad wants to stay stiff.  This makes for an unbalanced vertical flex in our opinion.  With an unbalanced vertical flex, the pad will not seal properly because the pad will now have a twisting effect on the lateral flex.  By adding the break in the outer roll, the natural flex is restored and butterfly coverage creates a better pad to ice seal.  In generic terms, unless you have a super wide butterfly and do not need any flex, you will need the pad to flex and seal the five hole in the butterfly position. By adding this break, we feel it greatly helps with this in many ways.

Especially with younger goalies, we feel that more flex helps even out the added stiffness of making cores smaller.  As the core and foams get smaller in intermediate sized pads, they have the tendency to get stiffer. The added break in vertical roll helps eliminate this issue.

Special Edition Inner Weave Sliding Edge: We have heard varying accounts on how customers felt about the Speed Skin material on the inner edge of the original Axis pads.  There seemed to be the feeling that the Speed Skin did not slide as well as other brands.  Goalies Plus has made the decision to change the inner edge to a weave material that has been proven to slide better and faster – especially on second and third period ice surfaces (since most youth and adult games do not get ice cuts between periods).  We feel this feature will dramatically help goalies using that use the CCM leg pads.

Special Edition Unique Custom Colors:

  • Red W/ Black Vertical Roll
  • Royal Blue, Black & White
  • Vegas Gold, Black & White
  • White, Navy Blue & Red
  • All Black
  • Black, Orange & White
  • All White

Core Construction: The CCM Axis A2.9 pad utilizes the LiteCore Technology.  The LiteCore is an extremely lightweight yet durable with a pre-curved shape.  This core along with specific layers of HD and LD foams gives the Axis2.9 goalie pads the most explosive rebounds of any CCM goalie pad to date.  This is the lightest core CCM has produced to date.

Flex Profile: Pre-curved single break and at Goalies Plus – an additional break on the vertical roll below the knee.

Knee Cradle: The Axis A2.9 goalie leg pads will have an open and removable knee cradle.  This allows for optimal interaction with almost all goalie knee guards.

Knee Stack: New for 2022 is the DRS knee stack (Dynamic Response System).  This is a one piece landing zone built for excellent seal and stability.  This knee stack allows for more power and lateral speed with enhanced impact absorption.

Strapping System: The Axis A2.9 gear will use the Quick Motion Strap System 2. This is an all elastic/velcro strapping system (which has become the industry standard). The Quick Motion Strap System 2 allows the pad to be worn snug to the goalies leg while allowing for proper rotation.  This is very important as it help keep the pad properly positioned on the goalies leg.  Without the Quick Motion Strap System, pads will shift downward and actually start to fall down and over the front of the goalies skate creating a very sloppy fit.

Bungee Toe Tie:  The CCM Axis A2.9 goalie pad comes stock with a bungee toe tie system. For years manufactures have used a skate lace to connect the toe of the pad to the toe of the skate.  In recent years, after market bungee toe tie products have become very popular because they allow the toe of the pad to stretch from the toe of the skate with an elastic type effect.  This stretching and recoiling improves the recovery process and creates more power pushes for the goalie. This toe system also takes pressure off the goalies ankles, knees and hips because it eliminates the quick stop and jerk process that skate lace has when it runs out of slack.

Boot Flex: One of the first things we noticed on the CCM Axis pads was the very soft and flexible boot of the pad.  This has become an extremely popular feature in recent years because it greatly increases flexibility in the butterfly recovery process.  The boot is built on a 90 degree angle with a flat (table top) foot channel.