CCM Axis F9 Senior Goalie Catch Glove – Special Edition


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CCM Axis F9 Senior Goalie Catch Glove – Special Edition

Special Edition Skate Lace Pocket: Goalies Plus has replaced the traditional nylon cord on the sides of the pocket with skate lace.  We feel that this gives the glove a softer pocket and therefore helps minimize pop outs out of the glove.

All new for 2024 is the CCM Axis F9 Senior Goalie Catch Glove.  We will address the elephant in the room first:  Has CCM fixed their glove issues?  The answer to this is yes, the new Axis F9 glove does open and close like a glove supposed to.  Right off the shelf this glove opens and closes easily. Past generations definitely had some issues (and some goalies did like the past generation gloves) but as a whole, the new CCM F9 Catch Glove is much more universally accepted then the past versions.  We give CCM credit on the past generations; they tried some new and different things.  Sometimes these changes work – sometimes they do not.  However, nothing changes if you do not try and at least CCM had the guts to try.

CCM will continue to use a 591 break in the Axis F9 catch glove.  The 591 is based off the 590 but redesigned for better opening and closing.

The Axis F9 Catch Glove will have a new Flexmotion design on the backhand of the glove.  This effectively allows the glove to open and close properly.  This also has a greater range of adjustability compared to past CCM gloves.  The internal strapping on the back of the hand has also been redesigned to allow for more adjustability and comfort.  This is the Cross Form Strap System.

The cuff and thumb of the new CCM Axis F9 catch glove will have a LITECORE core.  This is an injected molded material that keeps its shape even after extreme pounding from shots to the cuff.  It is important to know that non injection molded cuffs will flatten out over time from the abuse a glove takes.  The Axis F9 catch glove will not have this issue.

The palm of the CCM F9 catch glove will utilize a layered foam protection in the palm area.

In the finger area, there will be an individual pocket/strap for the pinky and pointer finger.  The middle finger and ring finger will come together in one pocket (essentially the middle and ring fingers will be sharing an area of the glove).

CCM Axis F9 Special Edition Colors:

    • Red & Black
    • White, Black & Sport Gold
    • Orange, Black & White
    • White & Black
    • Navy Blue, Red & White
    • Matte Grey & Black

CCM Axis F9 Senior Goalie Catch Glove Features:

  • Model Year: 2024
  • Cuff & Thumb: LITECORE – Lightweight injection molded one-piece design
  • Break Angle: 591
  • Closure: Update design and palm stiffness
  • Palm: Game Ready, Layered Foam Protection
  • Strapping: Cross Form Strap – Secures the back of the hand via multiple attachment points
  • Finger Area: Form Fit with pinky and index finger fit system
  • Pocket: Double Straight Tee: Optimal puck absorption
  • Inner Palm: Suregrip palm
  • Backhand Guard: New segmented design for easier opening and closing
  • Regular: Glove goes on left hand
  • Full Right: Glove goes on right hand