CCM Axis Pro Senior Goalie Blocker

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CCM Axis Pro Senior Goalie Blocker

New for 2020 is the CCM Axis Pro goalie blocker.  Unlike the Axis leg pads which are an all together new design, CCM choose to stay with their Premier styled blocker.  Here we will take a deeper look in to the features of the new CCM Axis Pro Blocker.

3DO Material: On the pro model Axis blocker, you will see the use of the CCM 3DO foams.  3DO foam is a high performance energy absorbing material.  This material is seen in CCM high end goalie masks and CCM high end player helmets.

Speedskin: The outer material of the Axis Pro blocker will use the Speedskin material. Although the Speedskin is most noticeable on the leg pads because it reduces friction between the pads and the ice, it is also a very durable material, By using the Speedskin on the Axis blocker on the bottom edge, it has been shown to be very effective on the paddle down technique (just like the pads, it reduces friction between the blocker edge and the ice). An overall advantage is the Speedskin has been proven as a very durable material.

Blocker Face:  Just like the leg pads, CCM is looking for an extremely active rebound off the face of the blocker.  A heat laminated dual density foam with a PE insert provides a much more active rebound off the face of the blocker compared to past Premier generations.

Palm: CCM will use a multi-layered reinforced Nash material in the palm of the Axis Pro blocker.  Not only is this material very durable, it is also super comfortable. This material is made for a goalie who is on the ice everyday.

Cuff Design: A new three piece  adjustable cuff will come standard on the Axis blockers.  This new three piece cuff creates better movement and better overall protection.  Stick handling has become a huge part of today’s goaltending and wrist movement and flexibility are key in performing this task.  Part of the new three piece adjustable cuff is a 3DO pad on the back of the wrist area that extends down to the top of the thumb (palm side).  This 3DO material is on the pro model only.

Sidewall:  The Axis blocker will come with an extra stiff sidewall.  Since the Axis line is considered a “butterfly” style line, a stiff side wall is very important.  The reason this is important is because a goalie in the butterfly technique has a tendency to turn their wrist open to the shot, exposing the sidewall.  With the stiff sidewall, a save in this area will be successful.  With a soft sidewall, a shot can push right through the blocker and end up being a bad goal let in. The Axis Pro is the stiffest sidewall of any CCM blocker.

Finger Protection:  The Axis blocker will continue to have the full wrap around finger protection that has been stock on all current CCM E-flex and Premier blockers,  The pointer finger protection is made of the 3DO material on the pro model.

CCM Axis Pro Senior Goalie Blocker Features:

  • Model Year: 2020
  • Front Face: Binding less for increased durability.
  • Material: Speedskin.
  • Cuff: New three piece adjustable cuff design with 3DO foam
  • Palm Position: Centered palm position helps with the overall balance.
  • Palm: Reinforced layered nash palm.
  • Sidewall: Stiff sidewall with curved finger protection.
  • Lock Thumb Protector: Molded thumb for enhanced protection.
  • Finger protectors: 3DO foam wrap designed for increased protection.
  • Blocking board: Heat laminated dual density foam with PE insert.
  • Regular: Blocker goes on the right hand.
  • Full Right: Blocker goes on the left hand.
  • Custom Orders: 50% Deposit – 50% Due on completion