CCM E-Flex 5 Prolite Senior Goalie Stick


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CCM E-Flex 5 Prolite Senior Goalie Stick

The new EFLEX 5 Prolite is CCM’s lightest goalie stick ever made, making it the perfect compliment for your lightning-quick reflexes. With its new SIGMA STG carbon construction, it is built to help you make all those incredible stick saves without any of the unwanted vibrations.

CCM E-Flex 5 Prolite Senior Goalie Stick Features:

  • Model Year: 2022
  • Paddle Sizes: 25, 26 & 27
  • Ultralight Design with SIGMA STG Carbon Weave: CCM’s lightest goalie stick ever, period. introducing SIGMA STG, SIGMATEX’s new carbon weave designed specifically with goalie sticks in mind, the EFLEX 5 Prolite is 30 grams lighter than anything CCM has ever made while achieving impressive durability performances thanks to a full carbon design.
  • Optimized Vibration Dampening Construction: Using Aerograde foam to complement a full carbon construction, the EFLEX 5 Prolite offers enhanced vibration dampening for the perfect balance between shot perception and comfort.
  • New High Flex Profile: Combining a stiffer paddle and a softer shaft, this new flex profile has been developed to help stop pucks along the boards and easily clear the zone when needed.
  • Colors: White/Silver & Black/Silver
  • Curves:
    • P4 = Crawford Curve
    • P1 = Price Curve
  • Regular: Stick is held in the right hand
  • Full Right: Stick is held in the left hand