CCM Extreme Flex 4 Pro Senior Goalie Leg Pads

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CCM Extreme Flex 4 Pro Senior Goalie Leg Pads

Customize your set of CCM Extreme Flex 4 Pro Leg Pads

Launch date: April 26th, 2019

The new CCM Extreme Flex 4 Pro Senior Leg Pads (CCM EFlex 4’s) build off the iconic Stanley Cup winning goalie pad. The new Extreme Flex 4 Pro leg pages pushes the limits of design while providing the competitive advantage of foot speed and seal to the ice. CCM uses DualLiteCore Technology that provides a torsional flex to maximize movement on your feet with a reinforced stiffer thigh rise to deliver maximum seal and coverage to the ice. Their quick motion strap system provides the perfect balance of fit and responsiveness to adapt to butterfly drops and recovery. They use a flexible toe string system for a dynamic fit to attach your skate to your pad, thereby optimizing connectivity and mobility.

There are some very noticeable differences in the CCM Extreme Flex 4 compared to past generations.  The most noticeable difference in the new Extreme Flex 4 Goalie pads vs. the 2017 Extreme Flex 3 Pro is weight.  The 2019 version comes in at 20% lighter.  This is because of the new DualLiteCore.  This core is very similar to the 2018 Premier Litecore in weight but they do have performance differences.  The main performance difference is the DualLiteCore has a torsional flex foam in the upper part of the pad (from the bottom of the knee up) which allows the pad to have more lateral flex.  This lateral flex allows the pad to move more independently with the goalie and helps eliminate the feeling of the pad being to stiff or binding the goalie up. This type of pad is generally preferred by hybrid style goalies.  One thing we noticed with the new DualLiteCore vs. the older core in the 2017 series was elimination of the need for a double break.  In the 2017 generation of the Extreme Flex 3 pads, we offered a double break version because the double break allowed for more flex in the pad from the bottom of knee and up.  With the new DualLiteCore, the flex is built into the pad and therefore eliminates the need for that double break.

Another noticeable new feature of the Extreme Flex 4 vs. past generations is the strapping systems.  The 2019 Extreme Flex series has gone to all elastic strapping in the knee and calf areas. This elastic strapping allows the pad to be worn tighter on the goalies leg while allowing the pad to rotate properly when the goalie goes into the butterfly position.  Goalies like the tighter feel while adding performance value, it also makes putting the pads on and taking them off very fast and easy.  The elimination of the leather straps also helps reduce the overall weight of the pads.

Also new for 2019 is a new toe tie bungee system. For years manufactures like CCM have used a skate lace to connect the toe of the pad to the toe of the skate.  In recent years, after market bungee toe tie products have become very popular because they allow the toe of the pad to stretch from the toe of the skate with an elastic type effect.  This stretching and recoiling improves the recovery process of a goalie but also takes pressure off the goalies ankles, knees and hips because it eliminates the quick stop and jerk process that skate lace has when it runs out of slack.

The Extreme Flex 4 will continue to use the Speed Skin Technology for the outer material.  The material is quicker and more explosive  when sliding side to side in the butterfly movements. Speed Skin reduces friction between the pad and the ice and there gives the goalie a better glide.  This is very important late in games when the ice conditions are at there worst.  In testing, Speed Skin performs better than Clarino and is just as durable.

The CCM Extreme Flex series is made for the “hybrid” or athletic style goalie.  Goalies that want movement and flexibility choose this style of pad.

CCM Extreme Flex 4 Pro Senior Leg Pad Features:

  • Outer flex features a single break for maximum flexbility
  • Inner flex features a pre-curved single break core to close the 5 hole.
  • Outer Material – Speedskin for increase ease and speed in the butterfly slide technique.
  • Boot flex is 90 degrees with torsional flex to offer flexibility in power pushes
  • Boot channel is deep and ultra soft
  • Knee cradle features a recessed foam with removal knee cradle wrap
  • Core is comprised of lightweight DualLiteCore technology
  • Knee raiser features a 3D grip, injection molded EPP foam for a great seal to the ice
  • Fully customizable by Goalies Plus: start here.

CCM Extreme Flex Series Pads Vs. CCM Premier Series Pads

Understanding the differences in CCM goalie pads can be a huge advantage when purchasing new pads. CCM makes two very distinct lines of pads – the E-Flex and the Premier Series. The CCM E-Flex is made with the hybrid and athletic style goalie in mind. These pads have knee rolls and one break in the vertical roll to help promote more flexibility in the pad.  The 2019 Extreme Flex pads use a new torsional flex foam in the upper portion of the pad (bottom of the knee up) which creates lateral flex in the upper part of the pad.  Lateral flex being defined as a twisting motion in the pads. The lateral flex allows the pad to move more independently with the goalie and is generally preferred by hybrid style goalies. Another difference is in the boot angle, the Extreme Flex uses a 90 degree boot angle vs. a 60 degree angle in the Premier. In general, the Extreme Flex goalie pads are a softer all around pad compared to a Premier.

The CCM Premier goal pads are a flat faced pad made for the blocking style or “butterfly” style goalie. The Premier series pads have been around for years (formerly under the Reebok Premier name). The Premier pad is directed towards a goalie that likes to use the butterfly technique for a majority of their save selections and make themselves as big as possible. As far as a flat face style pad goes, the CCM Premier has been the number one choice of pro’s for more than a decade.  The characteristics of the Premier pad are very different from the E-Flex pads.  First this pad is made to maximize coverage and allows the goalie to make themselves as big as possible – particularly in the butterfly technique.  This pad has little to no lateral flex in the pad – if the top of the pad is twisting, then the middle and bottom of the pad are also twisting or moving (the entire pad tends to work as one solid unit).  This takes some movement away but is does create maximum coverage.  Generally the Premier comes with one or no breaks on the outer roll.  This is because the pad is to remain stiff to maximize coverage.  If you need a double break on a Premier pad – more then likely this is not the pad for you. The Premier pad is built to maximize coverage and a narrow butterfly technique does not allow the pad to maximize coverage therefore the main benefit of this pad would be eliminated.  However for the goalie looking to create maximum coverage, the Premier pad is ideal.

One main similarity between both the Extreme Flex and the Premier series is the structural integrity of both series.  The core of both series provide the vertical strength needed to execute the butterfly technique properly.  Each core provides stability, energy transfer, durability and a solid seal to the ice surface.  Regardless of your classification of style, these elements are vital to any high performing goalie pad.