CCM Extreme Flex 5.5 Junior Goalie Catch Glove [Special Edition]


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CCM Extreme Flex 5.5 Junior Goalie Catch Glove – Special Edition

New for 2021 is the Extreme Flex 5.5 Junior Goalie Catch Glove. The Extreme Flex 5.5 catch glove will still be a one piece cuff design but changes to the internal patterns allow this glove to open and close easier then past generations. The Extreme Flex 5.5 will continue to use the 600 break which is a middle of the hand closure.  The inner palm area will have have a layered felt palm.  The Extreme Flex 5.5 will have a wide double t pocket with a u-shaped base.  By utilizing a u-shape base in the pocket, there is less material interference and therefore much easier to open and close the glove. The Extreme Flex 5.5 will continue to use the popular Nash material in the inner palm and finger stall areas.

The back of the Extreme Flex 5.5 junior glove has new features for 2021.  CCM is introducing the FlexMotion Design which is a segmented foams in the back hand.  So what does that mean?  It means that the backside of the Extreme Flex 5.5 is more flexible then previous generations.  This was done without sacrificing any protection to the back of the hand.  By making the Extreme Flex 5.5 more flexible on the back of the hand combined with a wide and flexible wrist cuff, the E5.5 is a better performing junior glove in the puck catching and stick handling areas.

Speedskin: The outer material of the Extreme Flex 5.5 glove will use the Speedskin material.  Although the Speedskin is most noticeable on the leg pads because it reduces friction between the pads and the ice, it is also a very durable material,  By using the Speedskin on the E5.5 catch glove, it helps promote overall durability to the glove.

Pocket:  Goalies Plus has changed the pocket lacing from a traditional cord string pocket to a skate lace pocket on the Special Edition Series.  Skate lace pockets are very common on custom orders and now it will come standard on our E5.5 Special Edition junior catch gloves.  The general opinion on skate lace pockets is that they are softer and therefore help reduce the amount of pop outs or drops while a goalie is in the catching technique.

Internal Strapping:  The internal strapping system will remain the same as previous generations.

Custom Colors: Goalies Plus will be offering five custom colors in our Special Edition Extreme Flex 5.5 Junior Gloves.


CCM Extreme Flex 5.5 Junior Goalie Catch Glove Features:

Model Year: 2021

Break Angle: 600

Pocket Lacing: Goalies Plus has changed the pocket from nylon strings to skate lace in the pocket.

Cuff & Thumb Design: One Piece. Redesigned cuff core for maximum coverage and enhanced closure.

Palm Stiffness: Game-Ready

Glove Backside: FlexMotion Design. Segmented foam protection for optimal flexibility, and articulated cuff for added mobility.

Backhand Protection:  Raised-Foam Finger Padding. Enhanced flexibility and strong impact protection.

Pocket:  Double T With U-Shaped Base (The All Black version is a single t)

Wrist Strap: Quick-Release Webbing Strap. Easy and secure adjustment

Outer Material: Speedskin

Inner Palm: Layered felt palm

Finger Stalls: Nash Material. Comfort feel and quicker release

Hand Terminology: Regular – Glove goes on the left hand.  Full Right – Glove goes on the right hand.